The Samsung Galaxy S III (or now, apparently, the Galaxy S3) will be released in April, after it's announced in March, says ZDNet Korea, citing marketing sources. Could well happen. Or not. Of course, Samsung has to announce the phone, and then release dates will roll out worldwide as they always do -- slowly and gradually. And those of us here in the United States will have to wait for the carriers to make their own announcements. ZDNet's sources say it'll all revolve around some heavy Summer Olympics marketing, which would make sense.

We'll let you know when we actually see announcement invites or something ... what's that word ... official.

Source: ZDNet Korea


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Samsung Galaxy S III to be released next month after it's announced this month, says ZDNet Korea


Cool. I just got my Galaxy Note and will happily wait for my 2 year contract to expire before I re-up. I love the Note! But I'm excited to see what Samsung has up their sleeve this time. Honestly, I'm happy to finally get off the hardware treadmill for awhile and enjoy the phone I have. When they come out with the Note 2, then I'll take another look. For now, I'll happily hibernate.

Just got the note on Monday. Coming from an Evo 3D, battery life is much better. I'm constantly on my phone, surfing the net, on gtalk, etc and I've been getting about 11-14 hours. On my Evo 3D, I probably could go about 5-8 on same type of useage.

If it's announced this spring, then it'll probably come out in the summer in Europe, and the US in fall/winter. So, nobody hold their breath.


Oh well, if it takes that long, forget it. I'll just get the Nexus 4 in the Fall / Winter instead then...was going to already but looking at the SGS3 as an in-between.

Probably longer than that. Sprint is still a month away from releasing the *2*. So the 3 is probably a year away.

Huh? I have a galaxy s2 on sprint (stupidly named "Epic 4g Touch") and it's been out since last fall. Galaxy Nexus should be out in the spring so hopefully the sgs3 will show up in the fall/winter again. I'd probably sell my sgs2 to partially fund the 3 if it turns out to be as nice in reality as it looks on paper.

Holy cow, a forum user admitting to making a mistake!

Kudos to you for reminding me that civilized discourse still takes place somewhere on the Internets.

I hope the SIII has NFC so that it's ready for the future. And that it will qualify to be upgraded to jellybean next year.

Ha. I'll believe it when I see it. The carriers drag their feet on testing and exclusivity deals. It takes them months to do "testing" :-P

Hopefully, this year we'll see "universal radios" so we can just buy one online for $500 and use it wherever we want...

Until Samsung gets rid of the Touchwiz UI I will never own another phone they make. Looks too much like an iPhone imo.

I agree, Touchwiz is far and away the best as far as android skins go. Touchwiz is so smooth and its not a resource hog like HTC Sense.

It's not really most excellent, it's kind of amateur hour it it's coding with things like messaging and dock apps hard coded to their apps rather than invoking system handlers to the correctly registered default apps.

That said, that's not much reason not to buy a phone over it... all it really takes is to replace the launcher with one of the several vastly superior launchers in the market.

Gotta love the good ol' rumor mill, LOL. The NFL will be playing football again before this phone comes out in the US. Those of us eligible for upgrades now must really have some hard choices to make.

"8-megapixel rear camera"

Why didn't they update the camera from the Galaxy S II?

I think i'll wait for the next Nexus...

I would love to get this unlocked as thats all I use now but it will probably not support T-Mobiles bands for 3g/4g

Still holding a OG EVO.....with this phone in the projected line up what to do what to do...and I've had my evo since launch what to do what to do

And will the browser still default to mobile view with no real permanent way to switch to full view aside from a command line that only affects the current window and only during the current browsing session? Because, you know, I just love that.

I still have my OG EVO. I want this to be my next phone. These U.S. carriers better get with the program and not delay this phone.....but these idiots will.

I'm in the same boat as you. I've had the OG EVO since launch, and been holding out for something that wasn't a EVO 3D, or a SG II (although it got voted best cell phone of 2012 at MWC). However, I know this will be the year for me. I was considering the Sony Xperia Ion (I love a dedicated camera button... I love a hard portrait keyboard come to think of it), but the SG3 might be for me. Still not sure, because I'm really curious how effective quad core processors will be in their infancy stages, while a 1.5 dual core may be able to accomplish the same task as quickly and efficiently. Not sure. But my OG EVO will be visiting the elephants grave yard in 2012, she's served me well.

Samsung quickly declined the rumor that the S3 will launch in April (Korean articles).

One of the executives confirmed NOT April for sure. One that's about to launch in April is an LTE phone that has integrated LTE & 3G chip, but not S3.

I was almost about to be optimistic, but after looking deeper, they are using the exact same GPU that was in the previous version. Ummmm no way. HTC, looks like you have my attention.

im probably going to get the phone, but STFU guys, talk about what Samsung has been fkng up on the previous phones, the damn GPS!

Samsung hasn't botched GPS since the original Galaxy S days. 2010 in phone years is ancient history.

I need it on Verizon ASAP. Damn Tbolt is driving crazy. I'm due for an upgrade and contract expires in April. I'm waiting on word on this phone. For now its all rumors. But April would be nice

Hopefully soon after announcement in the UK, which would fit well with last year's S2 release. Would be stunning as I am up for a contract renewal around then(although I might buy outright and get off that treadmill). Look forward to see what they come out with. I think they may be announcing a higher spec tablet some time soon too. The Tab 2 10.1 felt like a middle pitch and I can't see them being so underspecified compared to the next generation iPad for long at all.

I would suggest people in the US start buying unlocked international versions as soon as they hit the shelves (or even import it from the UK or the likes) and give the US carriers a middle-finger. If enough people started to do this, it might just blow some sense into those absolutely god-awful carriers and their policies. Waiting 6 months for a new model to be customized, loaded with crap and made to look different to add to the fragmentation and to ensure delayed (if at all) software updates that no one wants to happen in the first place is just so horribly stupid!