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Sony Xperia Z1 also expected for Sept. 24th launch


We were already all but certain that the Galaxy Note 3 would make its debut at Samsung's IFA 2013 presentation, and a leaked carrier inventory system screen shows us Samsung doesn't have much longer to announce the device. The image you see above, given to Engadget, is purportedly from carrier Three UK and shows the upcoming releases for a few different devices including the Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1 (aka "Honami").

The Note 3 is pegged for September 16th, with the Xperia Z1 coming right after on September 24th. We can't be sure that the release dates will be these exact days for all carriers and regions, but given that we dive right into IFA next week and a major UK carrier is ready to sell the phones quickly thereafter, we have to assume they'll be on sale quickly.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tipped for Sept. 16th release, at least on Three UK


Companies need to start releasing quickly after announcing new hardware. It's lame when a release is 3-4 months after an announcement. I will say that's one thing apple's good at. Here's our new iPhone, get it in 2 weeks.

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yeah mine too, i am glad to see the Honami and the note 3 being released close together so I can make a good choice... no sight of the One Max

It will probably get announced at IFA. Samsung is rumored to release 4.3 for the S3 as well. Too bad I'll be on to the Note 3 by then!

Definitely looking forward to the Galaxy Note 3. Say goodbye Note 2 it's been grand. A new family member is here now.

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He can't help his asswipe ways. He isn't buying anything worthwhile anyway.

He walking around with the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. You know he ain't having any fun 2011 came and went.

You know cash isn't flowing in his world. That in it's is very sad.

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Wow. A bunch of childish name calling and pretty stupid "insults" from a guy twice my age. You must be proud of yourself.

As for what's "worthwhile": that's completely dependent on the person. As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure", or applied to this situation: what you deem "worthwhile", may not be so for everyone else. A "man" of your age should be more openminded.

Also, you missed a word or two the following sentence: "That in it's is very sad." Good job.

I have a theory that Yarrell is actually a plant for HTC or some other manufacturer, sent here to deliberately make Samsung owners look arrogant and stupid.

Only one problem with that theory: about 2 years ago he wouldn't shut up about how "perfect" HTC was, even going so far as calling them God (or at least God-like) once or twice. He even claimed for many months that the Evo 3D would be "Sprint's flagship device well into 2012"... and it was discontinued about 2 months into the year...

I got a 3-2-1 PAYG SIM recently to test the network. Basically there is a HUGE black hole centred on my house - zero coverage. I have to walk to the end of my road to even send a text! They really need to improve coverage, dead zones 30 miles from London. Sorry 3, you're a hopeless git.

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all networks have a dark spot with coverage where I live in London just where my house is I don't get signal from ee/tmob/orange so it's not only 3

Yes. In fact I expected it. But I would not want a contract with a company that can't serve my home, hence this experiment.

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Why are there 2 Sony phones in the Samsung category when there's is a separate category listed specifically for Sony phones? Makes me question the integrity of that piece of paper or screenshot, which evere it is.

Noooo not yet Samsung. I don't have enough money yet. Well by the time it gets to the states and then to Verizon should give me a little more time. Any one want a 6 month old beautiful white note2 around october/novemberish? ;)