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Vodafone UK arrives fashionably late to the Galaxy Nexus party, with today's announcement that the British network is now offering Google's latest flagship device on-contract. Be sure to check out our exhaustive review for more on the device itself.

Voda's currently offering the new Nexus for free on 24-month contracts of £41 or more per month, which also nets you 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB of data. If that's a little steep for you, you can downsize to between £26 and £36 per month for a smaller usage allowance, along with an up-front charge for the phone. Head over to the source link for the full list of plans.

Source: Vodafone UK


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available from Vodafone UK


I wonder if theres a legion of nerds complaining and crying up a storm that vodafone must be busy with some satanic plot for not having this phone out yet..

or if we are reserving that for just verizon not having it out.

Well, remember that Vodafone is part of the joint venture that created Verizon Wireless and still owns 45% of the company so you can throw a bit of the hate at them if you so desire.

why do people always say that EU has it much better then us for phone contracts? I could careless that the phone is free upfront.. you can get a free phone if you shop smartly in the USA.. its the contract costs that should matter.. and 41+ euro's for 750mb of data looks like crap to me.

£ not €, and Voda's contracts are voice and SMS-heavy. Others like Three are geared towards heavy data users.


Maybe that's why Verizon isn't out yet, Google refused to budge on having their logo, and Verizon had to contract separately for replacement backs.