Galaxy Mega

6.3-inch handset could be headed to to the U.S. carrier

The Samsung Galaxy Mega -- Samsung's 6.3-inch monster phone -- has been available for some time in Europe and Asia, and how it seems it could be heading to the U.S. A leaked render from the usually reliable @evleaks on Twitter reveals a Mega with AT&T branding in a dark blue color.

The Mega 6.3 packs reasonably quick, but not cutting edge hardware -- the gigantic screen is a 720p LCD panel, and it's powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 CPU with 1.5GB of RAM. There's also an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 3,200 mAh battery.

While we wait on an official AT&T announcement, you can lean more about the Galaxy Mega by checking out our video walkthrough.

Source: @evleaks


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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 pictured for AT&T


This phone is a terrible choice for att. Problem is where the note 3 will outdo this with 1080 and the s4 outdoes this with processor ram and camera. Absolutely no reason for this in the USA on a carrier who does phone subsidizes because it's impossible to position this between other models and oems att carries. The rest of the world where you pay full price Samsung can completely justify this in their lineup.

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I feel like AT&T gets basically every phone that comes out that isn't an underpowered DROID phone...

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Yeah, I have to give props to At&t; they do have the absolute best phone lineup. Period. It seems like none of the other carriers fight as hard to get a variety of good handsets.

Maybe true, but its easier for AT&T to get devices since in the vast majority of the cases, they are gsm devices. But, this thing maybe big, and to me is not a good phone. I wonder if its going to be sold at some sub $200 price to those who want a big device but don't wish to spend the money or can't.

Are you cereal? AT&T gets every damn phone nowadays.

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So when is everyone going to start complaining that it's only a 720P screen? lol How many people are ragging on the Moto X cause it's only 720P? And that screen is smaller so it will be less noticeable

Can I get a different back to cover that AT&T logo? I hate when they do that!

Oh wait that's AT&T not Verizon, nobody bitches when they do it.

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So im guessing you never have bought clothes from a store then? You make all your own socks, underwear, shirts, shoes, and pants?

And im guessing you never owned a car or even a bicycle. You look like the type to walk everywhere in your homemade clothing.

And the type who groes their own food too.

My point is clothes, food, transportation anything and everything is an advertisement.

A book or tv or a shirt.

So stop bitching about the Verizon logos. They advertise on their phones. Get over it

Looks like they've changed the pattern on the back which imo looks better.

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I agree, waiting for the Note 3 is a better option. This is huge and I thought my Note2 was big enough.

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Why do they even need this phone? It should be an international phone. They will get the note 3 in a month anyway. Makes no sense at all.

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Exactly. There is a market and the needs are meet by this phone, for those people

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This device absolutely deserves top of the line specs and a full HD display. I like phones with enormous displays but all of the high end devices have screen sizes around five inches. My next phone will be something like this.

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This phone just stands to confuse average customers. It will probably cost less than the Note 3 due to the lesser specs, but have a bigger screen.

I had a Note but never used the pen. I would pick this over the Note 3 simply for the larger screen. But that's just me. Having choice is always a good thing.

Why oh why Samsung even bother with an 8 Gb version of this phone especially if TouchWiz is going to be installed.

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There is no way to position this with the Galaxy Note 3 releasing soon and the Galaxy S4/S4 Active already on the market. I really hope they're using this as a new addition to the GoPhone lineup - it's really the only place I can see it fitting in.

it´s not to be positioned with the note 2/3 ..neither is the galaxy grand 5" to be positioned with the S3/S4 ...totally different customer group

I can't say that I'll never get this phone because I always used to say that I'd never get the Note 2 and I love it.