Galaxy Mega 6.3First UK network to confirm it'll carry Samsung's 6.3-incher

Three UK is the first (and so far only) major UK network to confirm plans to launch the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega. The Mega 6.3, which dwarfs even the Galaxy Note 2, packs a 720p display resolution, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the latest TouchWiz UI. On the inside it's running a 1.7GHz dual-core CPU and 1.5GB of RAM. And yes, it's a rather large telephone.

There's no date on the cards yet for the Galaxy Mega's arrival on Three, but reports from independent retailers point to a July launch. In the meantime, Three's published an official teaser video, which you can find over at the source link.

Source: YouTube

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lloydarkell says:

I like the size of the screen but the dual core processor kinda puts me off.

Only 720p display? Only dual core processor? Only 1.5GB of ram? Major Fail...

Hiberny says:

Quite a few people don't care about PPI (see iPad Mini) and would be fine with 720p in six and a half inches. My Galaxy Tab 2 from last year was 1024 x 600 in 7". The rest of the specs are midrange. All those people who were happy with the HTC First's specs should be fine with this (assuming they wanted a screen twice the size).

I cannot see why people would choose this over say a note 2 ? Other than if price was a issue.

This is a mid range phone for people who want a big screen. If you want a high end phone, wait till Sept for the Note 3.

15israellai says:

It's not a high-end or flagship.

jcastag says:

Well at least Samsung has not overused the Galaxy brand on too many devices.... Oh wait

XavierMatt says:


I would get one. The battery is the right size for me

Androidsanna says:

I don’t see this becoming a huge seller - if you’re after a big phone the Galaxy Note 2 is a whole lot nicer, lighter and has a better spec!