Galaxy Golden

Dual 3.7-inch displays, Android 4.2 and TouchWiz, heading to Korea

A week after Samsung announced the W789 Android-powered flip phone for China, we're seeing a higher-end version making its debut in the company's native South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy Golden has two 3.7-inch SuperAMOLED screens — one outside, one inside — alongside a traditional dial pad and call buttons. Powering the device is a 1.7GHz dual-core CPU, and there's also 8-megapixel camera. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is onboard too, as is Samsung's own TouchWiz software.

Interestingly, the Galaxy Golden comes with many of the features of the Galaxy S4, including S Health, Easy Mode and the Optical Reader app, which can automatically parse business cards using the camera. (If the image above didn't give the game away, Samsung's going for a business-centric theme here.)

The Galaxy Golden will be made available through the SKT and KT carriers, priced at a rather eye-watering 790,000 won ($700.)

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean); via: Engadget


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Samsung Galaxy Golden flip phone is official


How dare they make this flip phone gold when the next iPhone is gold. Tim Cook must be boiling right now.

You know that next year, in addition to all the galaxys4 variants that we have now we will see a sgs5 flip edition... Lol

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My thought as well. What purpose does this form factor serve that a plain touchscreen phone can't accomplish?

The only reason I would want a clamshell is to protect in inside screen when I close it. The screen on the outside is to much imo . Give me an android flip phone with mabye a form factor of the B.B. Style(yes I liked the form factor) I could see it. Hey Thorsten H. There's an Idea for ya ! ;)

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That reasoning might have worked in the Original Razr days, but that was back a the end of the Pleistocene.

These days we are in and out of our phones 10 time an hour or more, and you need that back screen for the 90% of the time when you are just checking status, notifications, calendars, etc. The world has changed, our usage pattern has changed. Flips just get in the way.

it will be interesting to see if this form factor catches on. my guess is no. but kudos to Samsung for trying. they are big enough where they can experiment and throw a bunch of things out there and see what sticks.

What a useless form factor. Typing a message with that keyboard was murder. At least. make a full qwerty flip or slider. There's a reason why people use. Blackberry keyboards

Useless form factor for YOU. Way to decide you know what every other phone users in the world needs. You know what I've decided to stop making any decisions for myself anymore and simply consult you.

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Ever see The Departed? This form factor makes it easy to type messages while keeping the phone in your pocket, for those covert undercover types.

ok, its nonsense like this that just makes corporations look greedy by making nonsense extras that are just beyond ridic and unneccesary. its like why do you have to make 200 diff variants of something no one is going to buy. what happened to simplicity.

Oh come on, variety is good. And if you want an example of greed look at Apple.

It costs you exactly zero cents to have this phone on the market. Don't like it, don't buy it. I just don't see the greed angle here.

I was in....... hate flip phones. Would have got it for my pops. He's old school. But then the gold phone comes with..... wait for it.... wait for it..... no gold! All joking aside, great specs for a flip. There really is a market for these things. Your moms or pops. No matter how much I try, my pops still thinks a phone is for making phone calls. Not browsing the interwebs (see what I did there).....

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It is interesting that everyone is saying how bad these suck (on all 5 of them that we have seen) when 99.99% of us will never see one in the US.

These are targeted for the Asian markets where they have apparently sold well.

Different markets, different needs, global company.

If one did come to the US, I could see them selling a few 100K units total. Nothing Earth shattering but enough that Samsung would make a buck on it.

Remember the Gnex only sold 5-600K units total(as per the court filings) and no one considers it a failure. Well not because of sales, the actual flaws are another thing.

Let me get this straight. The guy whose moniker declares his hatred not for just a phone but an entire line of devices is handing out lectures on judging? Call Alanis. I've found some genuine irony.

The Nexus line is a constant disappointment TO ME. When they get it right, I will have nothing further to say.

I judge each phone as it becomes available TO ME. I don't hate on a phone that I have not handled and know nothing about.

And if they marketed this at half that price, you'd say the same thing again and would be only willing to pay half that price

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The Korean version probably can't be used in the US, right?

By the way, what's the keypad for? Making phone calls? :) I haven't use my Galaxy Note 2 to make voice phone calls in ages... :)

Concentrate on releasing the 6 inch OLED Tablet that folds into a Wallet Phone..
The one that the guy in your "This is how the future may unfold" commercial previewed in early 2013.. Now that was a Kool Device :-) Do you have ANY IDEA how much money you could make if you push that Technology out to the Masses in 2014? Say.. The 2014 Samsung Galaxy S5...:-) 30 Million? HA! You would sell 100 Million+.. Even at $750.00 - $800.00 U.S. Dollars a pop..

You HAVE the Technology..... Release That Technology.. And Turn The Mobile World Upside Down. You Would Rule *Absolutely*.