Samsung Epic 4G

If you have a Samsung Epic 4G and aren't overly happy with it being stock any more, you'll be pleased to know you can now add some new life to the device as it now has official support for CyanogenMod.

It has taken a lot of work from a lot of developers but Team EpicCM's github repositories have been merged into CyanogenMod's and those results are now available for download and installation. Keeping in mind, a few things are still broken here so you'll want to read over what works, what doesn't and what is being worked on before you dive right in.

If you're looking to get the full details, you can head on over to the CyanaogenMod forums and find everything you need to know about this release thus far -- including how to install it, a list of current bugs and what all to expect moving forward.

Source: CyanogenMod; Thanks, to all who sent this is!


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Samsung Epic 4G is now officially a CyanogenMod-supported device


Lmao pretty funny considering during the Android BBQ interview the CM team saidthey probably wouldn't do it, and who ever had one that wants CM on it, should upgrade

I thought support was dropped because of a proprietary driver that didn't allow for 911 calls.
Then I guess that's why the article says "check the forum to see what does and doesn't work."

The e911 support was fixed middle of December. It was one of the last hurdles to becoming official. Really only wimax, and the built in wifi access point (3rd party AP apps work however) are non-functional.

I really wish I can flash this, but unfortunately and fortunately, my cousin finally got his friend's Nexus S 4G for me and he's going to sell my phone this weekend.

What's funny is how many folks play "disposable phone" and churn through new crap every six months or less. With CM7 and a kickin' team of devs working with this phone, the Epic4G has continually kicked the snot out of many phones released 18 months after the Epic4g was first sold in Summer 2010. The morale of the Epic4G story is pick your phone wisely and make sure it's backed-up by a strong dev community ... otherwise you're wastin' money and resources.

I agree totally... People have doubted the Epic 4g time and time again but here it is again showing it still has some fight left in it.. Complete props to all the devs at XDA and the CM team for making this happen....

The Epic 4g would have been my first Android device BUT it had a slide out keyboard and every time I went to check one out I had flash backs to the build quality of my Pre. I'm in no way saying the build quality is bad and I'm sure it's probably better than the shoddy build quality on the Evo that I ultimately went with instead. I know, preposterous, the build quality on the EVO??? but it's not that great between the battery door not really fitting on there like it should and the light leaks on the screen.

Anyway, I would have grabbed the Epic 4g in a heart beat over the EVO had it just been a slab of a phone which is funny because I swore up and down I would never get a phone without a keyboard not a few weeks prior.