Froyo leak for the Samsung Captivate

While we're still waiting for an official Froyo build to be released for the AT&T Samsung Captivate there is now a few leaked ROM's floating around. If you all remember when UCJI6 leaked back in October 2010, it required some ODIN hackery to get it up and running. A new leak has now popped up -- I897UCKB1 is available for anyone on the adventurous side just remember, experimental builds can cause some chaos so be proceed with caution. File in question can be found at the source link, and you'll need ODIN again to get it going. [XDA] Thanks, Conan!

Update: We've got video of the leaked update after the break.

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techh10 says:

woo finaly more devices getting off eclair!

icebike says:

Oh, come on, who would ever believe there was any kind of update from AT&T? That's crazy talk.

hail2030#AC says:

This is awesome!! I also want to say that since DesignGears is behind one of the roms over at the xda forums there's no reason to fear getting it! Get Cognition 4 and you'll be fine!! :)

E_man says:

His roms don't excite me in the slightest. I like Perception and Darky much much much more.

chrisz5z says:

hes the dev behind Perception

jdot104 says:

Samsung is too little, too late. I've already switched to the Atrix and my life is happier for it!

sleepy#AC says:

I'm so glad I sold this POS and got a Nexus S. It's amazing how opposite these phones are, yet both made by samsung.

njr says:

A little more patience and you just might see the real thing...

chrisharmful says:

I was wondering what was going to get Froyo next, the Captivate or the Fascinate. Now lets see if AT&T has the balls to update this thing now that the iPhone isn't their darling anymore. Too bad I can't try it, I switched to the Nexus S. Whoever tries this leak, please report on it.

shoman24v says:

Its really sad Sprint beat ATT to this.

aaronwe says:

Except KB1 is only 2.2 -- still behind the 2.2.1 Froyo ROMs on XDA that support bluetooth voice dialing.

That means even if Samsung gets around to releasing Froyo for the Cappy, it'll still be worse than the community ROMs.

It's sad, really. Or a wonderful testament to crowdsourced development.

(I'm rocking Gingerborgmod right now and loving it.

joshua.worth says:


chrisz5z says:

yea if this does become the "official" froyo update it'll be anti-climatic at best. Even the official froyo release for the Captivate at Rogers was much better than this. The only value that could come of this is when the source is released. Until then i'll be happy with i9000 roms

waltah#AC says:

lol, just in time for me to stop using the Captivate. I was running Cognition anyway. Replaced it with an Atrix and it murders the Captivate.

ScubaNitrox says:

Still the big question? Does the GPS Really Work? I once had it rooted and Cognition on it and the GPS still didn't work. I reset it back to factory in October thinking the Real Froyo update was coming. I still may switch to the Atrix buy my upgrade doesn't come until the end of December! So, I just hope this makes the phone/GPS more usable.

Kromen says:

I guess the only reason I'm waiting for Froyo is so I can upload Skype on the phone. Other than that, I'm not bitching too much about it. It does what I need it to.

kcrandall758 says:

I think I'll stick to my I897UCJI6 build

ScubaNitrox says:

Does everything work for you with that build?

GQ50 says:

Guess this means the official OS update is finally coming... can't upgrade to the Atrix until July so I'll hurry up and wait some more..

waltah#AC says:

If you're eligible for an upgrade in July a cor store will probably do a full upgrade for you now. If you go and they won't either speak to a manager or try another store.

DrifterX7 says:

The good stuff will come when the devs at XDA start building roms off this source. Updated drivers and such from a native rom should help things run better much like Team Komin's Andromeda rom did using the Armani rom (virtually identical to the Captivate).

vvrem says:

I897UCKB1 as in "I897 U CK B1" as in "I897 You Suck Bone".

SomEngangVar says:

I had earlier versions of voodoo on my Galaxy S' and from the time it took the I/O to finish it really doesn't look like it has it in there to me.

hail2030#AC says:

My GPS is finally fixed!!

It even finds me within a building in about 20 seconds!