Rosewood-backed Moto X in Moto Maker

Motorola has added the rosewood finish to its Moto X customization options. This bumps out walnut from the list, but you've still got a wide range of regular color options in addition to the real wood backing.

We're big fans of the wood detailing on the Moto X, plus the X kicked off a lineup of devices with great bang-for-buck value like the Moto G and Moto E.

If you're eager to put together your own Moto X, or just get an idea of what the rosewood backing looks like on it, head over to the Moto Maker site. If you need a bit more information before taking the leap, take a look at our Moto X review.

How many of you guys have a Moto X? Are you happy with the way it looks? Do you wish you held out for the rosewood?

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Rosewood-backed Moto X now available via Moto Maker


I have the stock black Moto X (work bought it for me, no complaints here) and I love the way it looks. Very classic. I am starting to get the itch for a more powerful X though.

Ikr, don't you hate how instead of spending all their time 24/7 to bring us every single ounce of Android related news possible, they spend their holidays...gasp...with their families

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Unfortunately though, AC has been a bit late in posting some articles of late, and the delay IS noticeable if you follow more than one android news site!

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I follow several Android sites. AC is first to report some things and last to report others. That's why i follow multiple sites. Don't see the need to complain about it since the same can be said for every single site

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Do you feel the actual wood when using these or is it covered with a layer of clearcoat so that it still feels glossy or like plastic?

I've got the walnut Moto X. It looks great. I think i might prefer to go with any leather option they have in the future though. I have a Griffin Reveal case and a Voberry Hybrid Bumper case, and I usually keep it in the Gryphin case because I don't want the wood to get marred or oil stained.

I love my Ebony backed X. Its beautiful. I get comments on it often. People want to hold it & touch it.

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I really like the wood designs, but I'm perfectly happy with my woven black backed X. It feels great in my hand, and I like the added visual and tactile texture it gives over the smooth color backs. That said, options are always good, and I hope Moto keeps them coming!

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Have a Moto X for work. Looking at getting rid of it. It has problems since the start with email and calendar, other Android phones have not had these problems!!

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Of course I read this on the very day I will be receiving my walnut backed Moto X... would prefer rosewood. Oh well... I'm sure I'll just get the rosewood next time because so far I've had to send my phone in to be replaced FOUR TIMES in the last six months! A ring around the lens of the front-facing camera consistently creeps down and blocks it! I love the phone otherwise, and wouldn't want any other, but it's just ridiculous. I feel like I'm being wasteful getting new phones every couple months, but I rely on that camera for video chatting with my family!

I think you could just send it back and order again. I have a walnut moto x and I think it has the most character out of all the wood finishes. Ebony was my second choice. The banding is a little dark on one side and slightly diagonal. I definitely wouldn't trade it for this Rosewood. Also the moto x has been the most convenient phone I've ever owned, you just need an actual camera on the side cuz this one's no good.

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Yeah, that's a known issue. I've read several threads about it. Lots of those guys have just taken to taking the phone apart and removing the "ring" as a permanent solution. I haven't had that issue with my X yet, but if I do, I think I'll go the "fix it yourself" route, rather than dealing with the hassle of sending it back. That sucks that you've had to do that so many times.

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Man that's just hideous. Looks like something that came out of the 70s Wood Paneling era. Makes me think of the old station wagons that had the wood panels on the outside lol

Wood phones *smh*. That's about as tacky as it gets.

I love my bamboo backed Moto X and that it's authentic. I bought it when it was $150 on contract and I wouldn't trade it for a different (newer) phone. I'm very pleased with it!