Amazon Kindle Fire

We've already got proper ADB access to the Amazon Kindle Fire, and now it's time to root the thing. And it couldn't be easier. All it takes is the venerable SuperOneClick program, and you're on your way.

That doesn't mean custom ROMs just yet -- there's still a bit more work to be done before that happens. And it remains to be seen if the $199 Kindle Fire will be the new affordable and hacker-friendly tablet of choice, or if the Nook Tablet (which is only $50 with better specs on paper) will wear that crown. Regardless, this is turning into one hell of a horse race.

Download: SuperOneClick; via Kindle Fire Forums


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Root the Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick


No expandable memory?
Good luck with that. You won't have enough memory for custom roms, or even ics for that matter.. Not even talking about your own stuff like movies, music etc...

The Nook tablet is so ugly I can't imagine any self respecting person would own it. The Fire will win on aesthetics alone.

I completely disagree. I find the Kindle Fire to be bland, uninspired and quite frankly, hideous. The KF is quite the ugly simpleton when it comes to looks. Could the bezel be any larger? My goodness. The Nook is truly better looking, IMO.

You're talking about Bezels? lmao . . .The Nook has the most Hideous Bezel I have ever seen in my life... I don't understand why anyone thinks that THING is attractive...

What makes the Fire sexy is that it is very unassuming... sleek and Simple.

I could take a crap that looks as nice as a Kindle Fire. Depending on what I ate in the day previous, it might look considerably better (and sexier).

i dont know how much you can do rooting the fire custom roms will be limited by size and only 6 gb available for apps, music and video, I'm not sure you can do much with this root, well that aside, it is pretty cool that someone already got it rooted.

Think of all the movie and TV show you'll be able to store on a rooted Kindle Fire. SO MUCH SPACE!

in regards to a Custom ROM'd tablet, the Nook Tab is going to smoke the KF. The two biggies are obvious: it has more RAM (nearly double),and expandable/swappable storage, eclipsing the KF in both arenas. In addition, hopefully the NT will mimic the o.g. Nook Color in regards of booting a custom ROM from the sdcard , leaving the stock ROM untouched, and the risk of noobies gorking their 250 tab at practically nill. With the Honeycomb source newly released, my guess is the Nook Tab and the KF will have HC goodness ported by the end of the year. This will leave the market ripe for consumers.. The new Galaxy 7" should quiver and lower it's pants, oh I mean price..

Im guess that the Nook tablet will be a developers playground like the nook color. But if the fire had expandable memory and about 1gb of ram i would really consider buying a fire. But until then im gonna wait to see what Amazon comes out with next and it the Nook Tablet gets some good custom roms

On the surface, The Nook would be the one to go for if you based a purchase on specs alone. However, after weighing the pros and cons of both, I've decided to go for the Fire, and this piece highlights yet another reason why.

First off, B&N isn't exactly a thriving business. After they bought B Daltons and then closed all of the stores by 2009 (in addition to many brick and mortar B&N) they're pinning their future on The Nook and online sales for ebooks. They have no digital music downloads, no streaming service of their own, higher prices (most of the time), and in my peer group (writers and publishers), no one markets their ebooks to them other than the big NY publishers. Oh, you may get a stray indie or small press publisher here and there, but if you want to get something hard to find, you'd have to d/l the kindle software and use that to get what you want. The physical products (books, dvd's etc) are higher priced, their software selection is really a joke and they don't offer anything other than better specs.

Yes, the new Nook will be rooted, and no doubt access to the market will be available that way, but most people buying ereaders (and that's what these are-beefed up ereaders, but not a full blown tablet) have no interest in doing so. Hell, even I'm not interested in doing that, though I have the ability to do it if I wanted.

Amazon has its own music store, own streaming, cloud services, and now root. I've not always liked Amazon's decisions, and not very fond of their payment methods for writers, but I know in five years or ten years, they'll still be there.

BN, I'm afraid will end up being another Borders.

Here is a detailed tutorial for rooting the Kindle Fire as well...