The Room Three

Fireproof Games has announced that their runaway hit puzzle game series, The Room, will be launching its third iteration this spring. There's not a ton of information to run on here, but the devs promise "to evolve the mysterious story and take puzzle solving to higher and weirder places than ever before."

The above splash image is all we have to run with for the time being, but even that is showcasing would would doubtlessly be an interesting triangular puzzle box to open. Alongside The Room Three, Fireproof also announced a promising new game called Omega Agent, which is about flying around in a jetpack during the Cold War, but that's due for Samsung's new virtual reality headset.

How many of you guys are itching for a new version of The Room? Have you already blasted through the previous games?

Source: Fireproof Games


Reader comments

The Room Three coming to Android this spring


Count me in! I've played through both, and actually have played through The Room Two several times now. I really like the style of the games. They really go as fast or slow as you want, and you can pick up and play for a few minutes at a time if you want (auto-save). I believe cloud-save was available for the second one (don't remember if it is/was for the first). Anyway, really looking forward to this!

Agree 100% on the "all games should have it". Wouldn't work for cross-platform scenarios (like Rovio has started with Angry Birds), but at least you could install on a new Android and not have to mess with making/restoring a backup, or just simply losing your progress.

I played and finished the first game and enjoyed it. I've got the second one, but haven't had much time to play lately, so I'm still working on it. It's nice to hear that the series is continuing.