While it's not really much of a bargaining tool, Rogers has announced the launch of their "exclusive" Samsung Galaxy Tab in white. We won't knock the huffing too much because the white tab really is rather sexy looking, but come on; us Canadians see enough white during the winter months. (That, and it looks just like Sprint's Tab.) Surely Rogers could have suggested something of a warmer color to introduce. Even Rogers red would have been acceptable in my opinion.  

Keep mind, it is only the back of the device that is really white. The front face still looks like any other Samsung Galaxy Tab. No matter what color you decide upon, you can grab the Tab from Rogers for as low as $499.99 with a new 3-year contract. [Twitter]

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Huh? The Sprint Tab is white.

Bla1ze says:

(That, and it looks just like Sprint's Tab.)

tekhinator says:

canadians seem to like white? -.-

wagadesa says:

It's only white on the backside? The front has black bezel.

Bla1ze says:

We're all snow blind, everything looks white to us anyway.

chochopk says:

Does it make phone calls?

crichton007 says:

Just in time for it to become obsolete.

cheburashka says:

$500 AND a 3yr contract??? 3 years? Really? 0.o

greenlink says:

pth, i like my black one rogers.

tdcrooks says:

I'd grab one for $199, without a contract. Maybe.