Samsung Galaxy S III

Remember a few days ago when an ad for Rogers popped up, seemingly to proclaim their version of the Samsung Galaxy S III would come with the Exynos processor and LTE? Well, we still don't have a definitive answer on whether or not the ad was accurate but we do know now that we're at least one step closer to finding out.

A news bulletin has been sent out to Rogers employee's letting them all know the obvious and confirmed -- the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming to Rogers very soon. Needless to say, we'll keep digging for clarification which shouldn't take too much longer now that Rogers is relaying information internally.

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I Monarch says:

You had me at "Exynos."

Bona Fide says:

You really could make a soap opera series outta all this drama...that said, a potentially interesting development.

Daniel C says:

2012-05-32? May 32? Shenanigans.

Good catch. Maybe we have an extra leap day this year?

erik10002 says:

saw that as well, i call bull$#!*, looks like something someone just decided to type up in gmail!

tburgman says:

Rogers will release it the same time it will be released in the US... and that probably won't be until a week or two after Samsung does their world tour stop in the US. So we should be watching for the date of that event...

Personally, I'm more interested in what our version of the S3 will look like!

knowledge_6 says:

i can bet Canada will see the S3 before the US...

just like the HTC one x ; >