Rogers Magic and Dream

Remember how there were a whole bunch of people on Canada's Rogers network who were upset they were going to be stuck with Android 1.5 on the HTC Dream? And remember how Rogers made everybody all warm and fuzzy by saying they could upgrade to an HTC Magic for free, and that they were working on the details?

Well, they've worked 'em out. It sounds worse than it is, however.

  • You can upgrade to a Magic for free, all right, but you're going to have to renew your contract and the Canadian-standard three-year plan begins again.
  • This applies for those who activated a new HTC Dream before Jan. 1, 2010.
  • You must upgrade to the Magic by Jan. 26, 2010.
  • The upgrades have to be done through Rogers' Customer Care (888-Rogers1).

Because most Dream customers aren't too far into their current contracts, the extension likely will only mean an extra seven months or so. Basically, the clock is reset. And when you're already signed on for 36 months, what's another half-year, huh?

Edit: Clarified the headline some. [Via MobileSyrup]


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Rogers Dream owners: Get your free Magic, but contract clock is reset


Ugh. I knew this would happen.

The title of this article is incorrect. I have been in personal contact with @RogersMary on Twitter (she is the Rogers rep who gave us all the news). When I spoke with her I warned her people would misunderstand and post the wrong thing.


You will only have to extend your contract by a number of months equal to the number of months you've had the Dream. So if you've had the Dream for 6 months, you ONLY have to extend the contract by _6 MONTHS_.

Please correct your story.

This is False!!!

I've spoke with Client Care, Technical support, and now with Retention.

You have to renew for 3 Years Absolutely to get it free. Even with retention they talk me about something like 80$ for a 2 years renewal....and it's retention pricing!!!

First they said: you upgraded in September 09 so we extend for 4 other months....after i've said so 1 years+4 months (i've got a one years contract) and they said No it's 36 months only to validate that offer......

I'll see what i can get from retention boss but i don't expect anything alse thant "nothing"

Oh, and you also get to KEEP your Dream. That's right, you don't have to return it.

So, you get an HTC Magic at no extra cost, plus you get to keep your Dream, and in exchange you extend your contract by no more than 7 months. Seems like a fair deal to me. Do you see any other carrier offering that?

I just called in and I should receive my magic in 3 to 4 bussiness days thanks for the tip guys!

I've just called. The rep didn't heard about that program.
He said I have to call Technical Support (data Line) and they maybe able to help me. I'll give news later.

Tells resp to check their what's new in the library and they will be able to help
Xfer to tech is a punt cus she don't know how to look for info
Customer care can do it and so can rogers + stores