Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Following up on some previously leaked release dates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Rogers, Samsung Canada has brought forth some new info for not only Rogers customers but TELUS customers as well.  As of Jan. 13th -- the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be available from both Rogers and TELUS ending Bell and Virgin Mobiles exclusivity on the device.

Sadly, no pricing information was announced but that will presumably come from the carriers when they make their individual announcements -- if they even do so. All seems a little weird for Samsung to go ahead and unveil the release dates with no carrier follow up.

Source: Samsung Canada

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lostmarine says:

Good for them!

fort says:

Hello T-mobile! Anyone home?

Rossy B says:

I am still on the fence with the Galaxy Nexus though. That camera is such a let-down. I understand there is a give and take with Android devices these day, but the camera is a pretty big checkoff on my list.

s0dhi says:

Add to that in one short month the UK is getting a 32GB GSM version... what sense does it make to snag the Rogers or Telus versions?!

SamTime says:

So are American carriers not named Verizon just blacklisting the Galaxus?

wingster says:

Telus website indicates they are getting the 16GB GSM. Is Rogers getting the 32GB LTE Verizon version or the 16GB GSM?