Nexus Q

Google won't deliver a re-vamped streaming sphere at this year's conference, writes AllThingsD

Overpriced and under-featured, Google's Nexus Q was mothballed shortly after its introduction at least year's Google I/O developer conference. Officially, Google is still working on improving the phone-controlled streaming sphere -- the last update from January indicated that the company was still "hard at work" improving the Q.

But today there's news that a re-vamped Nexus Q might not be on the cards for this year's Google I/O conference. AllThingsD reports via "sourced familiar with the matter" that Google "won't have any news on the Nexus Q this week."

The Nexus Q won praise for its distinctive design and build quality, but was roundly criticized over its limited feature set and high price tag -- the orb cost $300 from Google Play, required an Android device to act as a remote, and could only stream content from Google Play or YouTube.

The Nexus Q still holds a special place in our heart. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of its rhythmic, colored glow.

Source: AllThingsD

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still1 says:

Damn!! I was hoping google bring Nexus Q as a gaming console with all streaming feature announced before, with a little big of google TV in it.

this could have easily become a competitor to XBOX and PS3

REPORT: No Google Wave at Google I/O this year.

Alex Dobie says:

Nope. But officially the Q is still in development. Wave has been dead for years.

That's funny. Is that seriously still the public line? Or is that just on a forgotten troubleshooting page somewhere?

dwd3885 says:

I just would like an official way from Google to view my purchased Play Movies/TV on an Android phone and watch on a TV. I'm not sure Google TV is the answer.

As of today, that's exactly the answer. If this is important to you, it's well worth $100 for that functionality alone, but I'd wait until Wednesday to make any decisions, obviously.

dwd3885 says:

problem with Google TV is that Google doesn't make one. And the other options are clunky and don't work as well as the Roku.

Deolarte says:

I dont even feel like going anymore lol, two post in a row that diminish the hype of new devices, and swag. :(

codiusprime says:

If that's why you wanted to go in the first place you were going for the wrong reason.

orlanka says:

Lesson learned from last year: If they do release on oddball device, but it right away as they will pull it from shelves and give it to you for free.

Google TV is dead. I would rather have a Nexus TV and access to all of my phone and tablet content. I essentially did just that with an Android PC stick for <$70 but the Rikomagic IIIs was not reliable. Ouya and other, yet to be released, devices will win in this market.

iManny says:

I have the Nexus Q and was hoping they'd at the very least release an update to it bring at least Netflix or a couple features. I guess this means that all future development is dead? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Nexus Q and use it daily, I was just hoping for a couple of added features other than just YouTube streaming.

Pigman says:

I don't know about other Nexus Q owners out there, but I just wish they would fix the networking issues everyone seems to be having with the device. Having to power it down and back up before I can play my music off of the Play store stinks! I love my Q when it is working, but right now it is kind of a pain.

jnexus says:

My Q doesn't seem to like working on HDMI. I've had no video forever. I can play songs and watch its colorful light ring go, but currently I can't hear it (HDMI is how I connected it to my receiver and TV), and I can't watch YouTube vids. Not sure if it's some HDMI handshake thing or what. I had a firmware update on my TV not long ago, and the Q started working for an hour or so until I accessed the Nexus Q app to check something and now video is not working anymore. (sigh)

Bruh-Man says:

So many devices... so little time.