Nexus Q

Google won't deliver a re-vamped streaming sphere at this year's conference, writes AllThingsD

Overpriced and under-featured, Google's Nexus Q was mothballed shortly after its introduction at least year's Google I/O developer conference. Officially, Google is still working on improving the phone-controlled streaming sphere -- the last update from January indicated that the company was still "hard at work" improving the Q.

But today there's news that a re-vamped Nexus Q might not be on the cards for this year's Google I/O conference. AllThingsD reports via "sourced familiar with the matter" that Google "won't have any news on the Nexus Q this week."

The Nexus Q won praise for its distinctive design and build quality, but was roundly criticized over its limited feature set and high price tag -- the orb cost $300 from Google Play, required an Android device to act as a remote, and could only stream content from Google Play or YouTube.

The Nexus Q still holds a special place in our heart. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of its rhythmic, colored glow.

Source: AllThingsD


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Report: No Nexus Q at Google I/O this year


Damn!! I was hoping google bring Nexus Q as a gaming console with all streaming feature announced before, with a little big of google TV in it.

this could have easily become a competitor to XBOX and PS3

I just would like an official way from Google to view my purchased Play Movies/TV on an Android phone and watch on a TV. I'm not sure Google TV is the answer.

As of today, that's exactly the answer. If this is important to you, it's well worth $100 for that functionality alone, but I'd wait until Wednesday to make any decisions, obviously.

problem with Google TV is that Google doesn't make one. And the other options are clunky and don't work as well as the Roku.

I dont even feel like going anymore lol, two post in a row that diminish the hype of new devices, and swag. :(

Lesson learned from last year: If they do release on oddball device, but it right away as they will pull it from shelves and give it to you for free.

Google TV is dead. I would rather have a Nexus TV and access to all of my phone and tablet content. I essentially did just that with an Android PC stick for <$70 but the Rikomagic IIIs was not reliable. Ouya and other, yet to be released, devices will win in this market.

I have the Nexus Q and was hoping they'd at the very least release an update to it bring at least Netflix or a couple features. I guess this means that all future development is dead? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Nexus Q and use it daily, I was just hoping for a couple of added features other than just YouTube streaming.

I don't know about other Nexus Q owners out there, but I just wish they would fix the networking issues everyone seems to be having with the device. Having to power it down and back up before I can play my music off of the Play store stinks! I love my Q when it is working, but right now it is kind of a pain.

My Q doesn't seem to like working on HDMI. I've had no video forever. I can play songs and watch its colorful light ring go, but currently I can't hear it (HDMI is how I connected it to my receiver and TV), and I can't watch YouTube vids. Not sure if it's some HDMI handshake thing or what. I had a firmware update on my TV not long ago, and the Q started working for an hour or so until I accessed the Nexus Q app to check something and now video is not working anymore. (sigh)