HTC Supersonic

Update 2: Yeah. As pointed out in the comments, this is just a bad joke perpetuated. Move along, folks.

We're taking this with a decent grain on salt at this point, but what you see above supposedly is a render of the HTC Supersonic, which we've also come to know as the WiMAX-powered A9292 that appeared on a Sprint roadmap. Then there was that suspect screen shot that showed the Supersonic on T-Mobile running Android 3.0. So at this point, we don't really know what to think.

That said, note how the above renders appear to show a three-dimensional home screen transition, and the Android 2.1 app launcher (previous the app drawer tap thingy) has given way to a "Start" tab. Again: Real? Not real? We'll just have to see ... [Tus Equipos via AndroidOS]

Update: OK, let's through another wrench into this one. The below render is from GSM Help Desk, and we get a much better look at the buttons. Also it's being sold as the "Obsession," which last we heard was supposed to be one of the first Windows Mobile 7 phones. Oh, and Photoshopping the Chrome browser onto it? Yeahhh ...



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Render supposedly shows the HTC Supersonic, with WiMAX and Android 3.0


That looks absolutely hideous, I really hope that is not Android 3.0. The GUI looks like something you'd find done by a first-time programmer as a final project, anyone else with me on that?

I will hold strong to Android 2.x if this is truly Android 3.x.

Somehow I doubt this is really Android 3.x.

These renderings are hard for me to believe simply because the weather widget shown is the same one used by Apple on Macs. Android is scare to release multi touch in the U.S. because of Apple why would they try and steal a widget?

all I want to know is if sprint will get this wi max phone. I am holding off on the Hero for annother phone. Looks can wait till we know who will carry

To have even have doubted, for one second, that this could have been real is an epic fail of beyond epic proportions. Sorry, telling it like it is.
1. This same render has been used before to pose as another HTC device (I think it was as a G2)
2. It has a launcher button with start written on it...
3. The UI is obviously 1000 major steps back
4. The Android UI changes introduced in the Nexus One would already have been history?...

Sorry, but this is really bad.