HTC Supersonic

Update 2: Yeah. As pointed out in the comments, this is just a bad joke perpetuated. Move along, folks.

We're taking this with a decent grain on salt at this point, but what you see above supposedly is a render of the HTC Supersonic, which we've also come to know as the WiMAX-powered A9292 that appeared on a Sprint roadmap. Then there was that suspect screen shot that showed the Supersonic on T-Mobile running Android 3.0. So at this point, we don't really know what to think.

That said, note how the above renders appear to show a three-dimensional home screen transition, and the Android 2.1 app launcher (previous the app drawer tap thingy) has given way to a "Start" tab. Again: Real? Not real? We'll just have to see ... [Tus Equipos via AndroidOS]

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Update: OK, let's through another wrench into this one. The below render is from GSM Help Desk, and we get a much better look at the buttons. Also it's being sold as the "Obsession," which last we heard was supposed to be one of the first Windows Mobile 7 phones. Oh, and Photoshopping the Chrome browser onto it? Yeahhh ...