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Everyone loves a deal right? The developers of the Tegra 3 title, Renaisance Blood THD, have one for you. They have reduced the price of the game to just $0.99/£0.62 for one week only running until September 13. With the regular price of the title set at $3.99, there's a healthy saving to be had.

This is all in aid of the latest update to the game, which along with some fixes also brings with it the all new stage 3 and the ability to use the continue button 3 times in a match. 

For anyone note familiar with the title, Renaissance Blood THD is an FPS style game powered by the Unreal engine. And, it involves a lot of killing stuff. Not convinced? Then check out Jerry's hands-on with the title first before making your decision.  


Reader comments

Renaissance Blood THD on sale for $0.99 until September 13


Both of my young sons, and my little daughter absolutely LOVE this game.
It's the best 99 cent babysitter around.
They sit and play (kill) as many people in it as possible.
What a hoot.
It's hilarious to watch them shoot, stab, and kill people.

Great game!

More parents should encourage this kind of stuff. Great for everyone, young and old.

I dont mind if Devs charge a little more the THD (Tegra) version of games and other apps, But I HATE that if I buy the THD version, I dont the regular version as well. The whole point of Android is that I can play on all my android devices. I dont want to by this game twice, one for the tab, and one for the phone.

I used to refuse sales of rated M games to minors all the time when I worked game retail. Got in trouble more than once for refusing to sell to parents too mindless or negligent to understand my reason for not selling to the child and the ESRB. That said...

Nowhere in this article did I read "Buy this for your children!". And, honestly, if your kids have complete financial autonomy to be buying this item without your permission, I'm sorry but the blame for them purchasing this violent game lay with the parent and their excessive permissiveness, not with this article or even the game. Nobody is forcing or promoting the mindless purchase purchase of this game.

This game is, to me, a rated M game. Not for children. Just because it is mobile does not mean it is for children. Hell, they flat out say it is violent and link to a hands on review that says as much.

Lastly: video games, like television, are not babysitters. Anyone who uses them as such is personally negligent. It is not the fault of the producers but the consumer who puts these entertainment devices to use in a way they are not intended.