Waze Android Love contest

A friendly reminder that today's prize in Waze and Android Central's big giveaway is a shiny new unlocked GSM EVO 3D.  Winning one is easy, too!  Check the Waze website for all the details, but the short version is:

  • Download Waze (m.waze.com) or via the Android Marketplace (we've got an easy link after the break)
  • Make sure you’re a registered user with an email on file (Waze needs your contact info to tell you you’ve won – check ‘Settings’ to ensure that you’re registered.)
  • Munch (drive over) as many robot road goodies as you can

Have fun building out a social mapping tool on you way to work or around town, and have a chance to win a new Android device at the same time.  Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

More information: Waze

There are 4 comments

PingaDulce says:

FIRST POST... AGAIN!!! jejeje

Yes Jerry, been hacking at it since it was announced yesterday!

dskwerl says:

Initially I thought it was only open to new people, but when I fired Waze up yesterday I discovered Androids dotted around the map. So while I was waiting for my laundry last night, I drove around town to pick up all the ones I could find.

captain_dl says:

I LOVE Waze. I use it for my daily commuting. I snagged a few Android Candies this morning on the way to work. I will be changing up my trip home this evening to grab even more. Thank you Android Central and Waze for this fun chance to win!

TacomaJustin says:

I've been trying to set up an account all day and just keep getting an error message about my username.

(Finally figured it out....when I would hit enter it was adding an extra space at the end of every field.)