Sprint Galaxy Tab

As we reported a few weeks ago, today marks the day of Sprint's Galaxy Tab launch.  It will cost you $399 on a two-year contract, and the data plans will run you $29.99 per month for 2GB of data, or $59.99 per month for 5GB of data and unlimited messaging.

During your next two trips around the sun, the 2GB data plan will cost you a little more than $700, and the 5GB/unlimited messaging plan will lighten your nest egg by $1,400 or so -- and that's before any additional taxes and surcharges.  So I ask you this, dear hardworking, penny-pinching Android Central reader: is it worth it?

Ask your questions, share your opinions, and above all else, vent your joy and frustrations in our own Galaxy Tab forums.  Haven't got a clue what this Samsung Galaxy Tab doohickey is?  Oh, and check out our hands on video.


Reader comments

Sprint Galaxy Tab available today -- $399 on contract, data starts at $29


I just can't justify a purchase like this. the $29.99 plan is the only affordable one for me, considering I already pay 70 for my Evo 4G plan. If they allowed you to add this as another line then I would consider it but it's clear they're just trying to draw more money out of us. 2GB? Don't make me laugh.

Release the wi-fi Galaxy Tab and then we'll talk, Sprint.

That's what I was getting at actually. I meant to say Samsung, not Sprint, but I can't edit it now.

Would be nice if you can add this as an additional line, I'd jump on it a minute. Holding out for a 10" WiFi model.

me tooooo! have you been to their blog lately? they got lots of info, new pics of pre-production models.

Galaxy Tab is not worth it. I'd actually pay a little more and get an ipad, because it seems more useful than a larger Android 2.2 device without phone capabilities.

To be honest, I like the size. I just wish it were wifi only. Once the wifi only (no contract) version is out I will be all over one.

i honestly would never put a tablet under contract. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm already being taken to the bank with the phone (and additional fees for 4G when I don't even use it). Wifi, tether or bust.

The thing has WIFI built in. Why not just buy the thing and then cancel the line? It's $399 and the ETF is $200 so there is your $600 WIFI. Duh.

I already put out enough cash on phone/data/internet/satellite...I'm not going to do it for another device. Absolutely waiting for wi-fi only device from HTC!

Now that we know the plans for Tmobile, Verizon and Sprint, Verizon does give you more options with 4 different plans. You can go with one as little as 1 gb for $20 month-to-month. As far as cost, I paid $530 for mu Nexus One, and the Tab is $70 more than that. This pricing of $600 does not surprise me.

Is this a giant phone or not? They are treating it as one. I don't want to talk on that frisbee sized handheld. So why would I do it? My EVO can give it wifi so no thanks unless its 399 off contract. Its a nice device but lets get real this time next year we will laugh at how bad the first tablets were , being limited to froyo. I like the form factor but its not worth a monthly contract as it sits. Maybe a ten dollar add on to my EVO everything plan which already has an extra ten Buck charge for 4g I will NEVER see where I live. Pass.

Went into Best Buy today and asked to see the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab...they didn't have any and weren't sure when they would.

Then I went into an AT&T store asked to see a Galaxy Tab and was told they have them in the back but weren't sure when they would be brought out front. Tried to sell me an IPhad and I told them it was too big and bulky so they took my phone no and told me they'd call when it was available.

I don't really see the point of a Samsung tablet. My Evo and do pretty much everything the tab can do...why have a tablet thats just slightly less than 3" bigger of a screen?

I can do most of what I want on my EVO, possibly the only way I would want to buy a Tablet is for use around the house,hotel,coffee shop,etc.. and would only require a WiFi connection. Not sure the tablet's that are hitting the market are really worth having, let alone paying an additional monthly data charge to use.

ill wait for wifi only or hell maybe a ipad the price isnt looking to bad now apple store has refurbish 16gb for 450.00 no contract