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Update: Google has pushed back registration by a week. Original follows.

Google I/O, the annual conference for all things Google and developers, kicks off registration for the 2014 edition tomorrow, April 8th. If you've been waiting for your opportunity to get in on the two-day event, this year may be your best chance considering Google's new registration policy.

Rather than a mad dash to lock up the very limited number of tickets all at once, Google is leaving open registration from 5am PT on April 8th until 5pm PT on April 10th. This means you can get through and complete registration at your (relative) leisure, ensuring that you're in the running. Google will then randomly select the maximum number of tickets from the pool of registrants and hand out tickets.

If you plan on trying to attend Google I/O this year on June 25th and 26th, there are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Tickets are $900 per person, or $300 per student.
  • You'll need a Google+ account to register, if you don't already have one.
  • You'll also need a Google Wallet account to complete registration and pay for a ticket, which will just be a pre-authorization until you are actually accepted for the event.
  • If you're approved for a ticket, the tickets cannot be resold or issued to someone other than yourself.
  • If for some reason you choose not to go, you'll have until June 1st to request a refund.
  • Photo ID will be mandatory for receiving your badge when you check in at Google I/O.

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Reminder: Registration for Google I/O 2014 opens tomorrow [updated with delay]


Codename: Only practically available to those living in CA. The rest of you, enter at your own financial expenses.
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Isn't that true of every single conference? If you don't live within quick driving distance to the venue, you'll have to book a flight and a hotel. This isn't a Google I/O-specific issue...

I'd say if you're willing to pay $900 to get into a 2-day developer conference you'd be alright paying for a flight and a couple nights in a hotel as well.

He whines and complains on nearly every post while hitting the refresh button over and over and over. Pay no attention.

If this isn't motivation to be a student then I don't know what is. They an in between price. Even if you find get Google goodies for that price.

But they do huge away. Nexuses, Chromebooks and other goodies.

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i was wishing i was a student!! Would be going then (or at least putting my name down to try and get a ticket)