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A few weeks back we looked at Redux on Google TV (check it out here, it's pretty sweet), and Android Central member HAAS599 posted the comment we all were thinking:

Why is this not on my Tablet?

In some crazy random act of coolness, Andy from Redux decided to shoot a copy of what's currently under development to HAAS599 so he could have a look.  He lets us have a look (with permission from the fellows at Redux) by shooting some video of the app in action.  If you use a Honeycomb tablet, you'll be interested.  Curated channels filled with great content from all over the web, in a package that is easy and intuitive to use and navigate.  These are the kinds of apps that make a tablet worth having, and Redux is one we're waiting for.  Head into the forums and check it out.

Source: Redux TV is coming to a tablet near you!

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Redux TV for Android tablets get an early look thanks to an Android Central member


Wow, this video really sucks. At least I know blurrier, less informative images have graced the AC blog.

This app does such a great job presenting video and I present the app like this. *facepalm*

Dude, don't be so hard on yourself. You have graciously given a sweet view of what's to come. Cudo's to you man.