Readability for Android

Welcome to Readability for Android. So-called "read-it-later" apps have become a godsend for when you're short on time and even shorter on bandwidth. A couple clicks and webpages are sent from your desktop browser to an app your phone, stripping off the fat and leaving pure lean meat on the bone.

Readability is the latest in this line of applications. Having just been released for iOS, it'll be release for Android on Monday, March 12. We got to take Readability for a quick spin today. And if this sort of app service is indispensable for you, we're glad to report that Readability performs wonderfully.

If you're new to this space, the idea's simple. You sign up with Readability (I did it right from my phone -- just took a few seconds) and then install a plugin in your browser. (They've got plug-ins for all the major browsers.) When you get to a webpage you want to send to your phone, you click the Readability. You then have the option to "read now," "read later" or "send to Kindle."

Once a webpage hits the Readability on your phone or tablet -- it looks just fine on a 10-incher like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- everything's stripped out except for the text, images and links. No muss, no fuss, no messy load times. It's got a web view built in, too, so if you want to see something in its original format, it's just a click away.

We've got a full review on the way. For now, check out some preview screenies after the break.

Readability for Android

Readability for AndroidReadability for Android

Readability for AndroidReadability for Android

Readability for AndroidReadability for Android


Reader comments

Readability for Android hits Monday - we've got your preview today!


Can you show me the maximum font size in which one can view articles in Readability app? And does it support text-to-speech?

I find it fascinating that nowhere does it say which desktop OSes or browsers are supported. Even on their own website:

I even went to "Learn more". Nothing. Watched the video. Nothing.

Then one also has to address that it is a "service", so yet another company is going to collect information about where you are going and what you are viewing. Still, it looks compelling.

How is it on a tablet, the app in general, not just the articles? I don't do much reading on my phone, this service would almost exclusively be on my tablet. Can't wait to check it out.

Yes. Was looking into this last night, only to find that support for Android was "coming soon". Can't wait to try this out, although I'm interested to know how this will handle my privacy.

Shameless how? It's been around for a long time as well. Also, readability attempts to give back to the authors that may lose some profit from people stripping out ads, which read it later does not do.

I downloaded it, and tried to share from the stock Android ICS browser to it - no go. I can do that with Read it Later. I hope they add this functionality as half the time I pull up an article on mobile (from social networks, etc) that I don't have time to read, and want to save it for later. I guess I could use the new "Save for Offline Reading" but I really like the format of Readability better.

Side Note: I see that you have login with your FB and Twitter account for AC. Why not login with Google account?