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Most expensive plan now $32.99 per month, limit increased from three people to five

Rdio, the popular music streaming service, has updated their family subscription plans to now allow up to five people to subscribe for one monthly payment. The previous plans only allowed for three different people, but thankfully those with slightly larger families can now take advantage. 

The pricing structure has been adjusted to take into account the additional two tiers: 

  • Two accounts cost $17.99 per month
  • Three accounts cost $22.99 per month
  • Four members cost $27.99 per month
  • Five members cost $32.99 per month

The top tier represents a $17 a month saving over five individual unlimited plans, so makes total financial sense in that respect. To activate the family plan accounts, one user must designate as the master account, selecting the sub-accounts from there. Any families out there excited for this? 

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Rdio updates its family plans, now allows up to five on one subscription


An individual account is $9.99 a month, that's how you have to look at it. It's cheaper at every tier than having an individual subscription for each person

Me, my wife and daughter all share Google music for only 7.99 a month. It works out on my tier better.

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I think the difference is that you have to sign in under the same Google account in order for you to share Google music. With this plan for Rdio, each person would have their own account. They can set up the playlists and preferences the way they want them without having to worry about someone else's set up. I guess it comes down to how much that is worth to each person. My family shares one iTunes account and they all manage just fine by setting up different playlists. I would imagine your family does something similar.

How does this compare to Rhapsody? I have that and pay $14 a month for 3 devices and I think 4 computers. I have been pretty pleased with their catalog as well. This just doesn't seem like a very good deal at all.

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Me and my girlfriend share mine. She has the iPhone app and I have the Android app. We just can't use it at the same time. It's rarely a problem though.