If you're not already using Rdio as your music service then let me just say -- you should be. My personal preferences aside, Rdio yesterday updated their Android application to correct some bugs in the previous release. While some of the big fixes may seem rather small it's still great to see they've addressed them. Full list of changes:

  • Fix notification styles for Gingerbread & Honeycomb to match system theme
  • Support separate play/pause hardware keycodes on Honeycomb
  • Fix a crash on session saving
  • Fix bug with constantly showing sync notification on Honeycomb
  • Fix a bug with headset media button behavior
  • Fix bug with showing signup form twice on screen rotation
  • Fix issue with revoked songs causing sync queue to hang

Rdio does cost $9.99/mth for mobile and web access but they do offer a free 7-day trial. If you're looking for a new music service to try out, give them a shot. Download can be found past the break.


Reader comments

Rdio for Android updated to v0.9.2


Which on demand service where you can play any song you want as much as you want costs $5 a month? The closest thing would be Grooveshark for $9/month, or Rhapsody for $10/month.

I think they may be referring to MOG. It gives you unlimited streaming for $5/month. $10 give you unlimited downloading.

MOG looks very cool, I'll def be checking it out more, thanks!

edit: Seems like MOG is also $10 for mobile streaming, $5 only gets you streaming over a computer. Still looks like it has a great user interface.

MOG and Rdio are almost identical. The main difference is that Rdio does the whole social thing of letting you see what your friends are listening to and letting them see what you're listening to.

Just tried Rdio the other day. It really made me appreciate Rhapsody. Especially with their new beta website. Worth checking. If you want a Rdio alternative.

Rdio is new to me but it seems like Pandora on crack! You can pick whatever song from whatever album and skip all you want and play whatever you want. Seems pretty cool. Trying the 7 day trial and will see if I keep it after that! Thanks for this post!

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First please REMOVE the troll post from By BrianTufo on March 23, 2011 - 23:25 which is total SPAM!

Second, what the hell's so good about jumping around and skipping crap these services play? Pandora penalizes free users and these guys want $120/year to listen to music that record labels want you to hear for free!

Third, these are machine driven selections that feel like... a MACHINE programmed them. No thanks. For FREE and NEVER a fee I can listen to a real knowledgeable HUMAN music programmer at Radio Paradise.com with excellent musicology. No you can't skip songs you don't like - but you can mute them. And to pay ten bucks a month and then BUY the songs you like is to be duped by the machine world.

Like how we pay for movies with fuckin commercials in em. Or PAY for cable TV with lots of commercials on it. Kids, don't let these shysters snark you. Find a free app like RP or TuneIn Radio and listen to knowledgeable DJs playing music from all over the freakin world. You'll grow more.

You don't have to buy the songs if you don't want to. Bot Rdio and MOG let you download the songs to your device and play them all you want as long as you continue paying the monthly fee, or you can just stream it you prefer. This is great for people who fly a lot and do not have internet to their device, they just pick some stuff they want to listen to, download it, play it on the plane, next plane trip, download something new to listen to.

Have you people ever even heard of Thumbplay? It's as close to ZUNE as I have found. Download and play what you want when you want right to your device. All you an eat music and excellent selection!

If you're a Last.fm + Rdio user you should check "PlaylistR Last.fm" on the Market : Playlistr Last.fm

Builds playlists out of your Last.fm account (recommandations, neighbours,etc...) directly into your Rdio account (works for Grooveshark as well, and there is Spotify support but playlists can't be generated into users accounts directly).


The app is free.

Does Rdio have any noteworthy advantage over Grooveshark? I'm grandfathered at the $30/year VIP rate with Grooveshark, but keep hearing a lot of hype about Rdio without seeing any distinguishing features.