OPPO Find 5

Amazingly high quality and design that you just don't get in your every day smart phone

Well look what we have here? It's the OPPO Find 5. As we get ready to put it through its paces for a full review, we wanted to give you a quick look at the new device.


If the name wasn't any indication, we're looking at a 5-inch 1080P display here, and it is quite a substantial device all around. That display is surrounded by a couple different textures and colors of metal -- one to frame the glass of the screen, another as a complete rim around the device, and a final one as a solid back plate. The surround and back plate are the same material, which feels like a hefty metal with a light soft touch coating over it. Inside we're looking at a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, a 2500mAh battery, 13MP camera and 32GB of storage. To top it all off, the phone is pentaband, and compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA+.

The phone feels nice in the hand from a materials standpoint, but at first impression isn't the most ergonomic ever. 5-inches for a phone is pushing the boundaries of one-handed use, and the angular design combined with very smooth materials make this a bit of a slippery phone to hold onto. The Find 5 feels like its built like a tank, and feels both denser and heavier than comparably sized devices


We still have a whole bunch of time to spend with the software, but we're looking at a generously customized version of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The software reminds us a lot of MIUI, with lots of reflections, borders around apps and a bright, friendly color scheme. Our first impression is that a lot of the customizations OPPO have done are very user friendly, and there's an overall consistent design language. Some of the features of the launcher are just a bit too overboard for our tastes though.

Stick around after the break to check out several close-ups of the hardware on the device, and be sure to keep an eye on the site for our upcoming complete review.


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A quick look at the OPPO Find 5


Just Got mine in the mail yesterday! Here are my immediate observations...
1)Nice hardware build(clean/ industrial construction)
2)Built in speakers are loud
3)Screen is BEAUTIFUL!!
4)Camera wise, juror is still out!Haven't taken it for a complete spin yet, will be setting it up to my taste over the weekend when I have some time.
5)UI is cool but I'm a sucker for NOVA Launcher so that is what I will be using.
6)Looking forward to the release of project FIREFLY from Oppo...

oppostyle.com, it was delivered via DHL. Ordered the phone on Saturday night was delivered by Wednesday which was super fast being that it was shipped from china!

Oppo's universal disc players are considered about the best on this planet. It sounds like there phones are to.

Well I see they have CM running on it from the xda forums...Just might have to get one! Looks like they got everything working but the camera.

The UI certainly is something that you're going to love or hate. Luckily most of the questionable parts are in the launcher, which is easily replaced.

Never realized oppo made phones. I thought just Blu-Ray players. This is today's "I learned something new" for me.

Well, it was time that you guys talked about the Oppo Find 5!
For those who don't know, this phone is great, it has a lot of support from devs and rom creators and it is updated regularly by Oppo. The black one is nice, but I like the gray one better. Some people forget the the Oppo Finder was the thinnest phone in the world for like 8 months (6.65mm) a year ago.
Marques Brownlee have an excellent review of the Find 5 on Youtube, he also have a good video about the project Firefly that is coming soon to this phone.
I'm looking forwards to the AC review, better late than never.

Nice phone, however since it doesn't have LTE, I think the nexus 4 is a much better deal.
I can forgive lack of LTE on my $350 nexus 4 and honestly I don't actually need it yet, as neither t-mobile or AT&T have LTE where I live.

But a high end $500+ phone needs LTE or it's a no go for me.


it gives me a heart attack every single time and blasts music, all because I am trying to navigate this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the cool post.

By the way, is it dual-core or single core! what type of GPU inside it?? its looking very cool in shape too. cool stuff !!!!

Thanks in Advance

Inside we're looking at a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (Quad Core) at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, a 2500mAh battery, 13MP camera and 32GB of storage. Adreno 320 GPU.