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News platform to completely replace 'LinkedIn Today'

Pulse News is receiving complete integration with LinkedIn with its latest update. Building from LinkedIn's purchase of the news app back in April, Pulse will now sync and offer better sharing and content options when signing in with your LinkedIn account. While you're still able to sign in with your email, if you choose to go the LinkedIn route you'll now be able to make comments and like stories and have them sync with your LinkedIn experience on the web.

That ties in with the fact that Pulse will now replace LinkedIn Today as the main source of social news on the platform for both mobile and the web. If you follow channels on you your LinkedIn page on the web, those sources will now be pulled right into Pulse as well. You'll still have access to the other Pulse content you know and love, and you'll also receive personalized content recommendations for more sources to follow.

There's also a general visual refresh to the app here, puling together all of the new features in a more attractive package. The app has always looked good, but there's just a little more polish now and Pulse says that under-the-hood changes like faster searching and autocomplete are now included.

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Pulse update adds full LinkedIn feature sync, design refresh


First!!! Lol. I AM THE KING - RESPECT MY FIRSTLY GLORY lol lol lol lmao

Posted via Android Central App

Too late. Been a long time user and ditched them for the endless crashes which I've waiting forever to get fixed. I believe they lost a lot of users because of that too. I'm happy with feedly now.

they made it look worse. It now looks like an iOS port. They ditched the left slide out panel in favor of a more confusing pull down menu.

I was worried that pulse would lose its way when Linkedin bought them and they've officially jumped the shark.

On to greener pastures for me.

I beg to differ. Where are you seeing iOS in this app? Apps from one company on two platforms are bound to share similarities, but this app does not look like a typical iOS app.

I'd post some pictures but can't here. Just look at the icons for "my account" and "search". They look like they're plucked straight from iOS 7's design playbook. The font they use is now more iOS than Android. They removed the left slide out panel which was very useful to stick it in a pull down menu which makes no sense to me.

I have it on my Nexus 7. I really don´t think it looks like iOS and I have an iPhone as well. The icons you speak of look very Windows Phone in my opinion, especially being set on black. That said, it looks ugly. I am about to uninstall it, I use Zite and Feedly now for my news needs.

OMG I hate it. I've been using Pulse for 2 years and I am scratching my head at these changes. No more slide out menu from the left..now some less efficient options from the top...and the app performs sluggish now. I just hate it. Now I've got to uninstall and hope this apk of the older version works.

Posted via HTC One on Android Central App