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Pulse News is currently rolling out their latest update to the masses. (That would be us.) This release will bring some much needed supported for articles written in international characters as Pulse previously sometimes jumbled things up a bit on that front. It also includes some bug fixes for tablets, if you've been having issues with that. Personally, I've not seen any issues with tablet mode, but apparently enough users have to warrant some bug fixes for it. Jump on past the break and get the latest release, should show as v2.7.5.


Reader comments

Pulse News updated with support for international characters in articles, bug fixes for tablet reading


Pulse has been basically unusable for me on the Kindle Fire - it does not refresh content after it loads. Hope this fixes that (and hope they update the amazon version...

Hi! We're sorry about the refresh issues on the Kindle Fire but we do have an update coming out for you. Feel free to send us any more feedback or questions at feedback(at)pulse(dot)me or follow us on Twitter @pulsepad. :)

Thanks for the review, Chris! The latest release is actually 2.7.6. Feel free to send us any thoughts!

-The Pulse Team

Glad to see the guys still working to make an already great app even better. Pulse was one of the first apps I really loved using.