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In late 2012 rumors were circulating that Sony was hard at work at a 6-inch-plus large form factor Android phone. If the latest leaked image from China is to be believed, such a device could soon be on the way. The shot above comes from Chinese forum Digi-wo, and was posted by a member claiming that it's a part from a 6.44-inch, 1080p Sony smartphone/tablet device.

There's no way of verifying the image, except to say that the setting certainly looks like a traditional production line leak, complete with sterile-looking background and protective gloves. The screen itself sure looks large, but with nothing for scale it's difficult to get an idea of its exact size. In any case, some quick Photoshoppery reveals to us that it is indeed a 16:9 panel. Also, the lack of physical buttons suggests it's an Android device, though it doesn't match any Sony phone we're familiar with.

With 5-inch smartphones set to become increasingly commonplace this year, manufacturers look set to push things even further in the large smartphone space. At CES a couple of weeks ago we saw  Huawei attempt to gain traction with the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate. And rumors persist that Samsung will target a 6.3-inch screen size for the successor to its Galaxy Note 2.

If this is an upcoming Sony smartphone that's already starting to roll off production lines, chances are we might see it first at Mobile World Congress in late February. Naturally, we'll be there to bring you live coverage.

Source: Digi-wo; via: Engadget


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Production line leak claims to show 6.44-inch screen for Sony device


To each their own. If they put out a 6+ inch phone and it sells, then it is working for somebody, but for me my Note 2 is the end of the line. Don't get me wrong I love this phone, but it is big. I have no problem handling/pocketing it on a everyday basis, but I think my next phone will be a more comfortable 5 inch phone. IMO that is the sweet spot.

I agree, I think a 5 inch phone is the sweet spot. The Galaxy S3 screen size was perfect to me. However, I did like the Note 2 as well. I, for one, am not against bigger phones. But, I do wonder when the line will be drawn.

The line will be drawn at 7" when they take a tablet and trim it down the bezels to the minimum doing away with 7" tablets.

Well that would be just ridiculous o_O Alas, the same I said about the Note before,and now I proudly and happily own a Note 2... so I might be proven wrong if somehow they pull off manageability (is that even a word?) at this size...

These folks Sony better recognize who's in charge here in the android universe. Samsung owns this space and Sony better bring their A-game don't be soft like Hauwei afraid to bring it's Ascend Mate to US carriers. The Galaxy Note 2 is the ultimate productivity / all purpose device ever made period. But the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 will be astounding nothing will be better in 2013.

I saw those: I'm actually interested in buying one. However, I didn't see anything on that website stating what radio freqs are supported. Is there a separate link for that?

it is under the pictures. GSM only (looks like most us carriers)but no LTE or HSPA or whatever they pass off as 4G (stuck with 3G)

The screen resolution is not HD if the description is right. It is barely 2008 resolutions.

There is no android 4.0.9 version.

Most likely a scam.

Actually like i posted before i do have the Star N9776 in color Orange and the screen is an amkload resulotion is really low if u consider how big the screen is and they work on 3g just fine. Also they are coming with 4.1 now. The stats for the Orange one are kinda old. The other one with the quad core i cant say much about still waiting to be delivered but the Orange one is really fine works well and also they get one year warranty. So not to bad i think specially if you consider the price of them. You also have take in to consideration that this is a costum version of software it is Samsung but a different build of version. So it might be possible i saw videos with 4.0.8 bulid of that phone. but now they come with 4.1 something and the resolution at least on the orange you can change since you can root the phone. I have no idea from the white one yet 5.7 quad core one. But those phones are legit.

For a person that doesn't want to spend a lot on a bigger phone, it seems like a good deal. I can't conclusively call it a scam, but it does seem too good to be true. The build quality on both looks great, but I'd have to do some severe detective work before seriously considering one of these. Thanks for the info, though. It's nice to have options.

Haha yeah I saw Android 4.09 in the picture and just fell out laughing; and I'm sure the resolution is not the greatest, either. I've gotten used to HSPA+, so not having it would be a deal-breaker. As far as it being a scam: I'll admit that I'm not too comfortable giving them my information-the price alone makes it seem too good to be true.

Frequenzies are 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz ;3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz

then some specs the 6 inch has those specs
Display Size(Inch) 6.0 inch
Screen Resolution 854*480 pixels
Screen Type FWVGA
Display Colour 16M colors
Dual core 1.2 but is clocked to 1 ghz but can be after rooting put up a little higher.

the 5.7 quad core 13 mega pix ips screen are
Operating System Android 4.1.1 OS
Processor MTK6589, Cortex A7 quad core, 1.2GHz
Support extend card 64GB
Touch screen Capacitive
Display Size(Inch) 5.7inch
Screen Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Screen Type IPS, capacitive touch screen
Display Colour 260K
Networking GSM/WCDMA
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz ;3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz

i do have to say that the 6 inch only has a dual core cpu but it seems better build just from the pictures and videos i saw of both devices i mean mine looks sturdy good build. the other one looks actually not so good build and the colors of 260k dont seem right but i will see when i get it. but from videos it did seems like the screen is worse then on the 6 inch i just wich the 6 inch would have a quad core cpu. and a 13 mega pix camera like the other one has. And picture quality is pretty ok actually on mine with the 8 mega pix camera. u can also try those and sent them back within i think 2 weeks after receiving if you dont like them.

I would say he is a spammer. He has been around for quite awhile.

I will say those are knock offs and really wouldnt consider them unless they were 50$ off contract

actually i am a real person posted a lot of stuff on here. just saying that there are already phones with those specs out there that a pre production models that wont come out excatly like that in the end but u still can buy them and it is interesting too see how much cheaper they are when they dont carry the name of samsung lg nokia htc and such. just watch that video and u will see it says super hd amoled rigth on the phone. so stop saying it is fake when u dont have a clue what is out there. be more damn open minded. geez.

No need to get angry, bud. Piizadude didn't call you a spammer; but he is one of the longer-standing members of this site, and has seen his fair-share of scams. I appreciate the links to the website and youtube that you provided. But, I'm erring on the safe side. Unless you work for this website and/or have a vested interest in it, I wouldn't get too bent out of shape is someone calls bs on this. We're all just trying to look out for each other.

Is not spamming if you actually back it up and i also just give my opinion and also just saying that those kinda phones are already out there and i do like but it needs to do better research sometimes. Is nothing new with the phones with bigger screens then 5.5 inches. And just "because YOU dont know it" doesnt mean it doesnt excist. I am German American and sometimes i am just ashmed how my fellow citizen act. If you dont know about Jack then dont make it up as spam or fake. Thats why we Americans not welcome and liked in the most places on this Planet beauce WE act like we know but we dont. There is more then just America and outside America a lot more is going on. Europe most of the time gets Things earlier then the US. Just suck it up and accept it. Sorry to bust your Bubble. Think outside the Box.

most carriers are using simcard gsm network the cdma is an old tech and i dont know if it is gonna be around that much longer. in germany and most other parts it isnt around. i myself used sprint when i lived in the usa but not being able to switch phones on the fly and stuff was a pain. i dont get the stuff why they have to close the access for the sim shut. same with simlocks and branding stuff. it is just annoying.

CDMA will be around for at least the next 10 years. Verizon isn't set to sunset their CDMA network until after 2022. Not sure when Sprint will do the same. With LTE, you can switch sims in a similar fashion to GSM. Pure CDMA phones never used sim cards, because of the way they connected to the network. I agree, simlocks can be annoying if you need to switch phones on the fly.

Let me know when Sprint finally starts carrying Sony devices. I really want an alternative to the EVO line, but I'm not interested in a Samsung, Moto, or LG.

The Dell Streak was way ahead of it's time. It would probably have done great if Dell waited until 2013 to launch it.

This is getting out of hand. If it won't fit in my front pocket, I'm not interested. Note 2 is size limit I would consider.

Just because it says Sony, doesn't actually mean that it's an actual Sony product. This could be a knock off.