Portal on NVIDIA Shield

It seems like it was only last week that we gave you a preview of Portal on the NVIDIA Shield, and, erm, a crowbar teasing Half-Life 2 on the same device. And as promised (and teased), both are now available for the handheld gaming console.

Hope you've got some free download space as both games weigh in at over 2 gigabytes each.

Download: Portal ($9.99); Half-Life 2 ($9.99)


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Portal, Half-Life 2 now available for NVIDIA Shield


The moment this opens up for the Note 3, you've got my money. In the mean time I will wait with my Moga Pro in hand.

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please someone find a way to port this to other android devices!!!!!!!!!!!! i will gladly pay the $10 but im not buying a shield just for the game but that would be an awesome game to have on a mobile

Let's find the apk and install it on our devices? ;)
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Update: would love to see someone port these games for all 4.4 devices. ;)

I'm not a coder, but my guess is the controller is one thing, but that these games are specifically tailored to Tegra 4. They're not the first Tegra exclusives -- from Warband and Rochard to The Conduit. I have no idea how an .apk would run on a non-Tegra 4 device. My guess is not so well

I'd love to see these games come to the broader Google Play Store audience! Still, getting ports like these to run on Android at all is a great sign! And I think the Shield is a fantastic place to start.