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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally upon us, and our exhaustive review is live here on the site! Even better, in a very special Android Central podcast, Phil and Alex sat down in New York City to dive deep into Samsung's new flagship smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Podcast Special


I downloaded it. Will listen tonight at work.

To those comparing the S4 to the S3, really, how many people who currently have the S3 intend on getting the S4? Probably most people who have the S3 are happy with it.

I have a 2y/o Samsung Droid Charge,
I haven't gotten to experience dual-core/quad-core processors, 2GB's of RAM, Android 4.1, or 4.2, the S4 will be an all new experience for me.

Most people don't get new smartphones every 12mo's. For me, this will be a big jump.