Moto X.

The many faces of Motorola's latest smartphone

Unlike most smartphones, Motorola's Moto X will come in a wide range of different colors, textures and materials. And today in New York City Motorola was showing off a handful of them — from textured black and white plastic, to a range of wood finishes.

The base device comes in black and white, and Motorola's promising 16 customization options for the rear panel. So check past the break to see the Moto X in various colors from various angles. We've also got side-by-side comparisons with the Nexus 4 and HTC One.


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In pictures: Moto X


The wood looks awful. Can't imagine who would want a wood imitating phone. I guess if they offer a brick texture, you can literally 'brick' your phone now.

Posted from my new Nexus 7

The new covers will be actual wood, not imitation. They are currently testing teak, bamboo, ebony and rosewood. As a woodworker in my spare time, I would definitely prefer a teak wood cover to just about anything else. Admittedly, I'm probably in a small group of people.

I am a huge fan of the design of the phone and all the different exterior customization options are just icing on the cake. Personally I like just the basic all black the best, but could look interesting with some of the accent colors mentioned.

When did this get released. I was expecting a livestream, maybe even a liveblog but BAAMMMM!!!! This. Took the excitement off everything

The front is weird to me. I'm not sure I really like it looking like it's in a bumper case. I get that their idea is probably to help protect the screen if you drop it, but it makes it look odd and cheap to me.

Exactly. This is the one thing that I find so off putting. Plus, there's something wrong with the curves. Both the way the glass curves off the edge and also the four corners seem too rounded. The N4 glass curvature is excellent and the GNex corner curves are ideal for me.

If only it housed the droid Maxx battery.

The wood options just make me cringe.

Was waiting for something like this... Hey, luxury cars have had wood grain dashes for years

Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App

I'm really liking the look of this phone. The semi transparent nav bar is nice and I personally would go with a wooden back. I think a wooden back would be an elegant change of pace from the plastic and aluminum.

Thing is, I really like my Nexus 4 and just got it in the beginning of the year, hopefully we will see a Moto X2 next year. And if it follows the movie, it'll be 10X better than the original.