What is this we have here? Well, thanks to our friends over at Best Buy it, appears we have a Droid Eris running Windows Mobile! Not only is it running Windows Mobile, but it also appears to be sporting some sort of HSPA GSM 3G network based on that nice little "H" up there. Unless we're missing something (and that's doubtful), I don't think Verizon has made any decisions to ditch its CDMA network any time soon. Photoshop fails sure aren't anything new, but they surely don't get old, either! Thanks Is377. [Best Buy via the Android Central Forums].

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chicubfan08 says:

Nice phone for September of 2008!

DiVirus says:

Actually there is Eris with windows mobile. http://www.solomobi.com/viewproduct.asp?pro_id=3667

bobtheelf says:

And that's Zagg's photoshop fail, the picture is straight off of their website.

nb623107 says:

It reminds me of my old HTC Touch...

Thank God for Android!

Brian38501 says:

It is actually a good marketing ploy. It made you look.