Verizon 4G LTE

Good news for those of you in Peoria, Ill. -- looks like Verizon's unofficially flipped the switch on its 4G LTE network in your fair city. You've got more phones than ever to take advantage of it, so no more excuses. Figure we'll see an official announcment any time now.

More: 4G LTE in the Peoria Area; thanks, Joel!


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Peoria, Ill., seeing Verizon 4G LTE today; official announcement nigh?


I can confirm this. Found out this morning, sure enough 4G connection on my Galaxy Nexus. 10mb down and 5mb up were the speeds I saw with a fairly low signal inside my office.

Saw it on last night around 9pm. I thought it was a glitch on my Bionic, but it showed on my Xyboard too. Pretty sweet surprise!


I noticed this when we pulled into town from our trip to New Orleans where they have 4g! I thought I might be hallucinating but, nope, it was really 4g.

Too bad it stops about 1/2 mile before my house out in the boonies.

Had 4G all day yesterday and so far this morning. Saw the info on twitter yesterday morning around 5:00 am, switched the binoic and away we go!

i like what verizon is doing, they are truly bringing 4G to as many people as possible, unlike sprint....