Pebble update

Manage more functions directly from the watch

There's always something cool about getting a firmware update for your watch. Tonight Pebble unleashed OS version 1.14.1 for its smartwatch, bringing a few subtle but useful improvements. First you'll find a Do Not Disturb mode, which as you would expect turns off notifications for a set period of time, customizable right from the Pebble. Along the same line, you can now choose to have all notifications on, just phone calls, or no notifications at all from the Pebble's settings.

Next are alarm features — you can now set multiple alarms, toggle them on/off without deleting them, edit existing alarms and customize snooze functions for the alarm. There's also a whole big set of bug fixes in the latest update, including Caller ID issues, Bluetooth fixes and others.

You should be notified of the update via the Pebble app on your phone, where you'll be prompted to install it.

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Doug B says:

Do not disturb is a very welcome addition.

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DWR_31 says:

Pebble = $150
Sony SmartWatch = $199
Samsung Galaxy Gear = $299
Qualcomm Toq = $350

Pebble - good notifications & battery life
Sony - color screen & lots of apps
Samsung - camera, answer calls, color, decent notifications
Qualcomm - all of the above


Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

tgrant1975 says:

Not true about the Qualcomm. U may wanna do more research on that one.

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tlimon says:

I really need to pick up one of these

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TurboFool says:

For some reason it updated me only to 1.13 and now claims there are no updates for my device.

pagger says:

Had the choice of gear or Sony if I wanted but like I said to other half I'd like to wait year or so for something better! Opted to get a better gaming mouse I know big kid !

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Lanhoj says:

Is there a manual download link?

Impulses says:

Still tempted by Pebble at $110-130 (there's been several sales, and one student discount running thru next year)... But somehow I feel like I don't need to be any MORE connected to my phone. :p

shidz0003 says:

That is cool!!

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My pebble arrived today. It immediately installed update. Only a few hours of use and loving it. Simplicity of use.

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Now if we could only get Google, Pebble, and Timely together in a room and have some standards for multi-device alarm syncing.

Eldaria says:

I hope they also fixed the Battery Drain issue.
Since the last update I have seen a significan drop in battery life, from 5 days to maybe 3 days. Previoulsy it would last almost a day while showing low battery, now I often find the clock running out of battery and switch off even before I see any indication that it is low battery.