Google Nexus One

It can't be all sunshine and kittens head of Tuesday's expected Google Nexus One launch. ZDNet has published a list of how much extra those of you outside of the United States will have to pay for the Nexus One -- on top of the $530 unlocked price. All we can say is that if you're in Sweden, well, start saving up, as you're going to have to shell out an extra $218. If you're in Taiwan (home of HTC, which is manufacturing the Nexus One), it's a meager $70. Full list of who has to pay what is after the break. [ZDNet]

  • Australia - $103
  • Austria - $168
  • Brazil - $209
  • Canada - $82
  • Czech Republic - $199
  • Estonia - $190
  • Finland - $160
  • France - $156
  • Germany - $152
  • Hungary - $192
  • India - $106
  • Italy - $148
  • Japan - $72
  • Mexico - $115
  • Netherlands - $150
  • New Zealand - $150
  • Northern Ireland - $123
  • Norway - $184
  • Poland - $196
  • Singapore - $154
  • South Africa - $185
  • Spain - $142
  • Sweden - $218
  • Switzerland - $104
  • Taiwan - $70
  • United Kingdom - $132

Reader comments

Outside the U.S? The Nexus One is really gonna cost you


Well I'm gonna keep my 3GS + HTC Tattoo, these prices are out of this world.
Bye, bye Google N1.

...or just wait until the slew of devices with a similar spec come out locally this year. Seriously, this is not much different than the reference/dev phones that come out each generation. Who paid for an Ion at whatever ridiculous price it came out as? They all waited for Magics and myTouches and Heroes and Erises. The same will be the case with this phone.

I'm in Australia. I work for a phone retailer and bought the Magic outright at cost+tax. That Nexus One price, with the Australian duty on top, is STILL cheaper than the COST price here of a Vodafone Magic.

Really, this STILL aint that expensive... you Americans think the sky is falling when it comes to outright phones, I swear to god.

$750 (I'm in Sweden) is about what I've been paying for *all* my smartphones for the last few years, the most expensive one having been the Qtek 9090 which cost me $1.240 (!) back in late 2004.

In other words, $750 in late 2009 is peanuts in comparison.

Bring it on!

And another thing: you Americans complain about your lack of freedom when it comes to mobile phones and the US carriers, yet you are not willing to pay (literally) for that freedom, complaining about the price for the N1.

You really need to decide your priorities....

priorities lol.. calm down NO ONE is willfully wanting to shell out a bunch of money for a cell phone look deep down an think about that some have well enough jobs to afford such a phone me on the the other hand do not get paid enough to buy it out right but i might save for it.. i'm the type to wait and see what else will come out

Ok, that's extremely lame. That extra $150 means I'd have to pay GST on the phone, which adds another 12.5% (far as I'm aware, you don't have to pay GST when importing goods worth less than $750 for personal use), and I'll bet that doesn't include shipping.

Oh well, it's not like I could afford it either way.

For UK that is £410, compared to £450 for the Motorola Droid, so not too bad. For Americans they get it for £330, unbelievable but they get so much stuff far cheaper than elsewhere and they will still complain that the price is too high.

Though I am not sure these figures are 100% accurate, as I did a bit of research on and it says it will only be £57.96 ($93.42)of VAT only and not $132, therfore meaning it will cost £386 in the UK. This excludes any handling fee from the courier doing the delivery I guess too, don't know how much that is or delivery charge from Google that was not mentioned in the PDF of their terms.

Will it run on 3G in UK?

I don't quite the issue here, just seems like the usual taxes and import duties charged by each country for importing a product (which obviously vary from country to country). Yes it costs more in some than other but that's par for the course - at least they don't seem to be doing an Adobe and just whapping on a whole lot of cost unnecessarily.

PS - Northern Ireland is part of the UK! Do they mean the Republic of Ireland?

PPS - off to listen to Spotify, at least we've got that free over here :-)

Provided that it's *actually* shipping and taxes and so on, that's not nearly so bad, and is about what I'd expect to pay for a brand-new smartphone. Distinctly less, if they only charge for shipping inside New Zealand.

I was worried that tax and shipping would have to be paid *on top of* the extra money.

The real US price adds around $40-50 because of taxes. It's important to point that out. International prices almost always INCLUDE TAX. US price never does, because it varies from state to state.

Plus, other countries have a higher tax rate. "Free" healthcare isn't free as in beer.

I wonder if this extra is for taxes or shipping.
If it's really for taxes, Brazil's extra should be actually more than US$318 (from a nice 60% tax). More than 318 because it also applies to shipping (which I'm guessing should be at least $70).
Adding N1 + shipping + taxes + dollar conversion rate, it might cost as much as $960, which is $10 more than I paid for my 3Gs in November =/.

Oh well, hope I'm wrong =)

LOL, f()ck google, for this reason exists ebay and unlock sites.
Anyway I'll wait for xperia x10, 10x better than Google Sh!t phone

Hey... I want to believe in the Android but.... 149 is how much ATT charges for a 32g iphone 3Gs. Google had better realize that charging people up the wazoo in the end shoots themselves in the foot

yes, and the nexus is 179 with a contract. you pay a premium for an unlocked phone because it isn't subsidised by the carrier. in the uk, that means you can get contracts which cost £10-20 a month less than if they came with a free phone, often saving money.

really, people who don't know about how mobile phone pricing works really shouldn't comment on it.

Lets put this into perspective. It'd be $690 here in Finland, which roughly equals to 480€. Compared to an unlocked 3gs iphone's ~600€, I'd call it a bargain.

Looks like this is going to be just another phone we'll be importing from the US, like what happend with the iPhone before. No way am I going to pay up $150 for something 'extra' that will probably mean nothing at all.

And even if this international import is a no go, for me it would still be cheaper to purchase it in another European country. More than enough friends all over the place.

"Estonia - $190"

well, that is not that bad... I mean, iPhone with 24 month contract (about $50 a month) costs about $400 (= over $1600), unlocked Nexus One for $720 is cheap compared to that.

Argentina and waiting for prices, but i think it will be similar to brazil one, very expensive.

After all that hype still have to wait, I'm disappointed. That's a shame, Brasil has the most expensive taxes around the globe, shame... I'm sure I'll wait until next gen. iPhone.

After all that hype still have to wait, I'm disappointed. That's a shame, Brasil has the most expensive taxes around the globe, shame... I'm sure I'll wait until next gen. iPhone.

I'm in the US, if I buy a Nexus one here unlocked will it work with any carriers in Brazilian? I'd love to trade up from my Droid so I can just have one phone.

my understanding is that google plans to offer similar discounts on a nation by nation basis, similar to the t-mobile one.

also, some nations have lower requirements for discounts, like say 1 year rather then 2 year binding, and free unlocking once the term is over.

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You really did not understand. They are saying here in Brazil gonna costa over the $ 530.00 plus $209.00 Making an end in $ 739.00 + Taxes.

So you can imagine how much it's gonna cost in Reais, that's a pitty how much taxes to have a phone that has no similar production in our country. Our protective laws against foreign products are really disgusting.