Motorola Droid update

Verizon's posted up a changelog for all to see of an upcoming update to the original Motorola Droid. FRG830 should be Android 2.2.1 and will bring you:

  • An updated Twitter app with new authentication support
  • Updated Amazon widget
  • New News & Weather widget
  • Fixes to Exchange Activesync (server-side timeouts of 34 minutes or more are handled better; e-mails will still sync after a policy refresh; support for Exchange 2010)
  • New gmail interface

Look for the update to start pushing out, oh, any time now. [Verizon via Droid-Life]

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anthonyzul says:

The only thing I care about in there is the new gmail interface. I wonder what sort of improvements it will bring. I am rooted and have uninstalled the Twitter and Amazon apps, and I have no issues with my exchange mail...

Soo... I'm not seeing much that I would care about here..

nemov says:

Seems pointless to me. Can't they push these updates through the market?

Bravozero says:

I doubt the DROID will see an official Gingerbread update.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Droid X still suffers serious bugs from the 2.2 update it received more than two months ago. Awesome priorities, Motorola.

Dave17 says:

There's nothing in this update for me either (not even the Gmail interface tweaks since I use K9.)

Regardless, I say big props to Motorola and Verizon for continuing to support our antique phones.

mikeyonline says:

If activesync starts working again I'll be happy. I usually get the unable to connect server message. Touchdown works but I haven't pulled the trigger on the 20 bucks for it yet.

APeX3181 says:

Hopefully will fix the streaming audio over 3G issue...but not holding my breath.

pstellato73 says:

SO if your rooted, you need to unroot in order to install the update?

nickg1982 says:

you would probably have to unroot to get the update. Even if you receive the notice for update, it likely wouldn't install due to custom recovery being installed on your phone. However, if you install a quality custom rom (cyanogenmod or BB perhaps) you likely already have these features.

Not going to get another Motorizon phone.

beez1717 says:

I'm woindering if it will break the slightly complicated fr(whatever)22root. If it doesn't then i'm upgrading. I know I had to get around the reset issue but once I did that being rooted is awesome :)

jms67 says:

I'd love it if the news app would direct me to mobile websites since I mostly use it on the train where I'm constantly in and out of service.

kahil says:

I see nothing new at all...

The weather widget looks and acts the same... Gmail looks and acts the same... I see no widget for the Amazon app...

So.....other than the activesync updates, the update seems pointless.

Anyone have any further insight on these little updates?

poguec says:

kahil how did you get the update, it hasn't pushed to mine yet. Did you find a site with it?

kahil says:

it was pushed to my phone. you'll just have to be patient and wait I guess.