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The OnePlus One has been delayed and delayed again, feeling so close yet so far, especially if you reside in Europe. It has now come to light that European deliveries of the OnePlus One have been put on hold as the team behind the flagship killer mistakenly altered the CE logo (EU equivalent to the FCC mark in the US), which is a mandatory certification mark for products sold within the EU. OnePlus One units have been held at customs and even returned to the company for correction.

Ireland's Technology Blog reached out to OnePlus and received a response detailing a delay of up to 2 weeks to redesign the back cover. While not all is lost, this set back does mean Europeans will have to continue enduring the wait process. If you'd like to read up more on certification for tech (regarding CE marking), check out this link for further details.

Source: Ireland's Technology Blog


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OnePlus One delayed yet again for Europe due to incorrect certification mark


they messed with it to fit their design language..[they made the letters thinner] not knowing that would backfire on them...stupid move on their there's a bunch of people pissed including two british editors from an android site, they've both written editorials on their experience with the company.

Dying? You mean dead? I gave up on this device after the 3rd "Contest" to win the right to get an invitation to buy something no one knows when it will ship....

More like still really close to dead.

Meh. I had high hopes for this thing, but it's ran out of Steam due to the delays.

Speaking of Steam, Summer Sale's on.

The delays don't actually bother me.... Neither does the invite system... What bothers me is after signing up on their site... Following them on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for months now and they keep pushing out emails asking me to basically do what I've already done over and over again for the right to have my name in a hat with a 1% chance of winning the right to buy it.... Now I am leaning more towards paying probably close to double and getting the LG G3 when it hits or just wait for the Note 4 in the fall.... My Nexus 5 is a perfectly good device as is..

Not really looking to replace... Just like to test out and play around with new/different devices.... No matter what I get next I plan to keep my Nexus 5 until I decide that I like something else so much more that I could part with it.... I've just been debating of getting rid of my Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 for a bigger phone.... 5.5 - 6 inch phones intrigue me... Just not sure if the size will work long term.... the One Plus was cheap enough to test that size range as a daily driver.....

Ah, alright. Testing out new phones to see how they feel.

Anyway, all I wanna say is this.

OnePlus One. The cheapest top-end Android smartphone, that not many of us can actually buy.

Plus side is we get a free back cover and screen protector with our device. Maybe add that in the post?

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I've lost interest in this product. Can't wait until the next generation of Moto X comes out.

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Screwing up something as simple as the CE certification logo isn't exactly confidence inspiring...

I wonder how they got it wrong exactly?

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Next week.... There was an error in the press materials for the One Plus One. Pricing was supposed to be $699/$750 respectively. But the phone is now readily available to order. Who is in..... This phone has officially been crossed off my list for weeks now.

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Considering the company is from China, they probably marked it with the China Export Logo instead of the CE mark. Check out this link for an explanation on the confusing difference (

P.S. The CE logo is not the EU equivalent to the FCC mark in the US. The CE mark is a self-declaration that the product complies with all applicable directives. One of the applicable directives is a Wireless directive that covers similar items to what the FCC mark covers. But there are oftentimes other directives involved too.

Really? On android central?

Now head to a Starbucks and let us know if you spot any hipsters.

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I went to Starbucks but all I saw were Soccer Moms. I saw some hipsters traveling down into the sewers to a secret coffee spot. I tried to follow them further but a guy stopped me and said my Fedora was not vintage enough.

Hmm, it would seem they're adapting.... This is troubling news, troubling news indeed.

I shall endeavour to acquire you a knitted cap and lensless glasses, that should enable you to infiltrate further.

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But the comparison is a good quick and easy way to explain to the 90% of Americans who won't have a clue what the CE mark is.

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That's the correct mathematical equation to how much interest I have in this device! If this phone had been readily available at a certain time, and available to everyone (none of this crap of invitations, or raffles to pay them for a full retail price that they're asking).

Here's my take, the price would had been awesome. However, majority of Americans buy into contracts, so the price point has little impact on the public here. Of course other country that's price is huge. At the same time company like Samsung and HTC do just fine selling priced phones. Yes I understand they are a startup company. But you keep crying wolf and no one hears you anymore. I wish then well, but I rather buy my trust into Archos products at this point. At least they would have products to actually buy.

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I was really excited when they first announced the specs; now I've gotten sick of waiting and bought a 64GB Moto X. Too much hype and not enough substance.

Why are people's feelings so hurt by all this? I'm a tech geek myself and I'm interested in the phone, but they didn't do anything to me personally...soooo yeah.
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Maybe it's intentionally being delayed by Samsung and Apple money? Either way the hardware will be obsolete by the time of release even if you disregard the conspiracy theories the 805 and quad HD phones are incoming.

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Samsung has already announced a QHD 805 equipped smartphone, not really a conspiracy theory.

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This is ridiculous. Glad I went with the Oppo find 7a instead and have had it in hand for several weeks now. The one plus one has been a big disappointment for Oppo IMO.

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You don't mistakenly alter - they altered it knowing what they were doing! Mistake suggest they didn't know! I call BS on that!

So much incompetence with this company. I used to be tempted, but now feel this is going to be a horrible experience owning this device, especially if you need support or have any problems.

It will get fixed soon enough. They are a start up company and will learn from their mistakes. I just received my OPO in the mail yesterday and it screams quality.

"They are a start up company and will learn from their mistakes"

Except that are part of Oppo who have had more than enough experience in this area and have manufactured other products that sold in the EU with correct CE markings.

Please don't be a OnePlus apologist.

Lol.. Supposedly they did ship, but they are so insanely incompetent that they cannot get a logo right.

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i've just seen pictures on G+ of an unboxing of the thing...the packaging looks great..more than I would expect from a phone so inexpensive but..what good is that if the phone is still not available to everyone