Nyan Droid Live Wallpaper

Looks like we're really going there. Just remember, what has been seen can never be unseen. Download links are after the break.


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Nyan Droid Live Wallpaper in the Market


The constant chanting of "Droid" "Droid" "Droid" is making me want to blow that phrase out my head................. with a bullet.

Yeah they totally ruined it. It could have been a fun live wallpaper. Maybe this will be my calling to learn to program android apps!

Oops, meant to reply to the parent not start a new thread, but the audio doesn't exist in the LWP. There is audio for the LWP that hasn't been added yet, but you can check it out on GitHub:


Feel free to use this app as a starting point to making your own Android apps :)

Well its pretty obvious that the lwp would not have any sound because the phone would be unusable in public places.

The repeating droid (regardless if it's in the wallpaper or not) makes me think a 5 year old was involved somewhere...Incredibly obnoxious.