Nyan Droid Live Wallpaper

Looks like we're really going there. Just remember, what has been seen can never be unseen. Download links are after the break.

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s14tat says:

The constant chanting of "Droid" "Droid" "Droid" is making me want to blow that phrase out my head................. with a bullet.

PopsGG says:

Yeah they totally ruined it. It could have been a fun live wallpaper. Maybe this will be my calling to learn to program android apps!

powerje says:

Oops, meant to reply to the parent not start a new thread, but the audio doesn't exist in the LWP. There is audio for the LWP that hasn't been added yet, but you can check it out on GitHub:


Feel free to use this app as a starting point to making your own Android apps :)

powerje says:

FYI the Droid sound doesn't exist within the app itself. There _is_ audio that has been created for the app, it just isn't quite ready to be included - but can be found in the project on github:

s14tat says:

Well its pretty obvious that the lwp would not have any sound because the phone would be unusable in public places.

Nirvana328 says:

that video was too short.

ProgRocker says:

The repeating droid (regardless if it's in the wallpaper or not) makes me think a 5 year old was involved somewhere...Incredibly obnoxious.