Shield Update

NVIDIA has another fast turnaround time to address user bug reports on the Shield portable gaming console

NVIDIA is pushing out another OTA update for the Shield, this time to address bug reports from users of the GeForce streaming ability and associated audio delay issues. While folks were streaming their games from an NVIDIA-powered PC to the Shield units, the audio tracks sometimes lagged behind the action a bit.

Today's update addresses this issue as well as other "important bug fixes and enhancements", which are always welcome. We're not surprised to see this addressed so quickly, as NVIDIA's bread and butter is the PC gaming community. It is nice to see bugs addressed quickly and updates pushed out as fast as we've seen with the Shield, and it makes us think these portable consoles have a long and bright future ahead of them.

To check your Shield for today's update, open the settings and check About SHIELD > System updates. The 403MB file will download and you'll be prompted to restart and install. Happy gaming!


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Nvidia Shield gets another update to improve audio latency while GeForce streaming


Best system for emulation ever. Games, even the old 8-bit ones, look fantastic on that screen.

Well thank you for the heads up Her. Of course I suck at photography and there are some crazy good photo artists on the forums so I'm screwed. But it is appreciated anyways. Good luck to all the contestants.

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