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NVIDIA's CES event has just started, but we've already come around to something awesome -- NVIDIA Grid. It's a cloud-based gaming service, where a huge bank of NVIDIA powered servers compute and calculate everything needed to render 3G games in the cloud, then stream them to your location. We saw it demonstrated on an awful nice LG Smart TV, but even more exciting we saw a glimpse of it running on the Transformer Prime.

This could be a pretty killer feature, and we can't wait until the event is over and we can have a better look. Keep an eye out for more on this one!


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NVIDIA announces their cloud platform, say hello to NVIDIA Grid


Streaming games? Ew. Who on earth would want that? Needlessly uses more data, induces input lag, compression artifacts, and so on.

Yeah, how is this different than OnLive? Cuz THAT did so well... Is this game STORAGE in the cloud? Or is this pretty much exactly like OnLive?