Tegra Roadmap

As Tegra K1 just starts getting into devices, we already have a hint of what's in store for next year

We're here in San Jose at the GPU Technology Conference where NVIDIA has just given us a sneak peek at its mobile product roadmap. We all saw the unveiling of its latest-generation mobile chip, the Tegra K1, at CES 2014 and now we know that "Erista" is the codename for its successor.

Considering that the Tegra K1 is just now making its way into devices — NVIDIA showed it powering a self-driving Audi, actually — we're still a good ways off from knowing any details about Erista. The one piece of information we know is that Erista will be based on a Maxwell GPU architecture, the leading design from NVIDIA for its desktop-class chips until today when it unveiled Pascal, whereas Tegra K1 is based on the older Kepler architecture.

You can bet we'll hear a lot more about Erista as we get closer to 2015.


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NVIDIA announces Maxwell architecture chip codenamed 'Erista' to come after Tegra K1, launch in 2015


Tegra devices are pretty much unsuitable for most android computing tasks. Exynos and Snapdragons dominate for a reason and I predict this new chip will never reach out of niche status just like all the other Tegras.

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I still have 7moths old Nexus 7 2012 32GB..Getting slow slowly slowly...

But i also have a week old Xperia Z and month old Lenovo K900

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