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Now this is how you raise a kid to grow up right


yep, it's a bit excessive....

It's just a phone, sometimes being away from cyberspace actually helps the mind.

Well, to pick nits - it is the operating system used on the phones (and tablets, TVs, etc.).

And, while I am biased, I think this is fine - by the time the kid is old enough to know/care it (the wall, not the kid) will probably be repainted anyway, at this age its for the parents :).

Hey, according to the Brand Guidelines, the Android custom typeface may not be used! All joking aside, this is pretty neat.

This is just a guy having a little fun before his New born comes.. Sooooo why doesn't everyone that is breaking ball just chill out.. Its all in good fun.. I am sure he isn't naming his kid Android & even more sure his wife wouldn't let that happen.. So again this is all in good fun.. If this makes Scotty happy then so be it.. I think its pretty damn funny..

Sorry didn't realize the kids name is Marlin.. Cool name bro.. Different which is great.. Not a bob or dan or bill.. Cool names make cool kids.. kick ass......

LOL, I honestly have to admit that I was toying around with the idea for a couple minutes, but my wife and I were set on family names and my Grandfather (Marlin) was a pillar in my life, so we went with that.

However, I did use the light version of the AC official Lloyd wallpaper to select the exact green and blue for the walls (via ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams on my Evo3D).

I figured he's not going to have his own established opinions, likes, and stances until he's about 2 years old. That means there is no harm in my having some fun with a kid friendly and colorful mascot until he's old enough to say "Daddy, I really like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" or something.

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. And thanks to you Phil for finding this and putting it up here!

Says the giant nerd reading about this on androidcentral, your glass house must be made of gorillaglass...

Ha, that's way cool! Congrats!

The following is NOT how you raise a kid right: give them names like: Crimson Tyde, Bear Bryant, or Ally Bama. (ala Harvey Updyke)

just noticed that if you look at Marlin in the mirror, its NilRam... which is the excuse Samsung was using not to put ICS on the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab....