Notion Ink Adam

The folks from Notion Ink are once again getting their name out there. After having released an Alpha build of ICS for their original Adam series tablet, they teased a new upcoming device briefly but skimped out on the majority of the details at that time. They've now revealed one of their partners via their blog:

Notion Ink has partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated for its next generation Adam II Tablets. Adam II will be using OMAP44xx processor along with other TI components like Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers. Adam II will also leverage the power optimizations achieved using mature combination of TI’s integrated power-management IC.

Notion Ink is looking to make use of the Texas Instruments OMAP44xx processor to help keep things nice and fluid in the UI, allow for better multi-tasking and handle power consumption better. It'll be interesting to see what they present this time around, but there has been no mention of when they plan to show off things further. Vaporware all over again?

Source: Notion Ink


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Notion Ink partners with Texas Instruments for its next-generation Adam II Tablets


They released the Adam, so why would you think the Adam II would be vaporware? Or are you just being a haters?

Partnering? Pretty sure that would come as news to TI.

Hey Intel, I bought one of your CPUs, we're partners now!

The NI delusions of grandeur, especially after the embarrassment that was the Adam, never cease to amaze.

I was very interested in the first NI Adam and was disappointed to see how it turned out. However, even in disappointment, I wouldn't call what they produced vaporware. It was very much a real product that failed to live up to the hype.

With all that being said, I wanted them to succeed despite the odds. Nothing wrong with wanting a company to produce an innovative product. Even now, I think the original industrial design was attractive. Too bad the software/hardware quality wasn't there.