Samsung concept render

Now you know how I hate to burst anyone's bubble, especially this close to Christmas. But -- oh, who am I kidding. I love to do that. Especially this close to Christmas.

This is not the Samsung Galaxy S III. It's not a leaked render. It is, however, a nicely done concept render, and it managed to fool a few people today, judging from the amount of tips in our inbox. But, no, folks, it's not the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has not been announced, has not been leaked, and is not seen in the picture above.

Repeat: That is not the Samsung Galaxy S III.

We all straight now? It's a fan render that was posted to some Russian "Samsung Phone Owners' Club" group, then reposted on a couple other sites and picked up before Concept-Phones published an update. Whoopsie. Again, not real. Move on.

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This is not the Samsung Galaxy S III


that is a pretty nicely done render for whoever did make it. kudos i say. no bezel idea is a good one

Oh how I want a phone with ZERO bezel on the side of the device. I hope we get that with Jelly Bean. This is not a beautiful design, its very huge no curves which just makes it worse. NEXT RENDER !! It looks like it would be hard to use this phone one handed.

Really? I think it looks ugly with no bezel. Maybe if the top and bottom were the same it'd be different, but this just looks ugly.

You can't have a ZERO bezel touch screen phone at the bottom, the phone rest in your hands so there would be mis presses every day All day FOREVER! It would be aweful.

that's assuming you're not drawing to scale, itty bitty iphone next to a full sized android starts to look pretty different pretty quickly

so, it tells you the time on the menu bar, and the lock screen, but you 3 want a giant clock that takes up 2/3rds of the screen on top of that.

/fucking hate kids.

You really are a fucking degenerate. So what if they want a big clock widget? You don't have to download the damn thing. If people want something you have no taste for then let them have it. Don't be a dick about someone else wanting something completely optional. Jeez, do you bitch when you turn on a new phone and see a clock widget too?

I think no bezel on the sides would be annoying to me. I know my fat fingers would mash over the edge and trigger touches.

Also, the camera is a little gaudy. Remove the chrome bits and stick to one flash and it would look slick, unless that other silver slot thing is the speaker right next to the camera...not sure.

I actually prefer Samsung's Nexus styling to their Galaxy counterparts. The rounded corners of the Nexus are more to my liking.

The render is a good one though.

Nobody who earns a paycheck calling themselves a phone design engineer would design a phone with no side bezel. It would only interfere with touch input and screen viewing. I can see a phone eventually getting the bezel reduced to ~1/8 total from outside face of phone...but the picture shows less than 1/16" and that's the dead giveaway it's a fake.

Wow. I love this phone and will trade my galaxy nexus for this sammy galaxy s3 when it comes out next month at ces.....

Hate to burst your bubble, but if history is any indication (ie Galaxy S and Galaxy S II) Samsung will announce the Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress in late February. Not at CES.

Also hate to burst your bubble, but this is not the GSIII... At least wait til you see what they come out with at MWC

Wooooooooooow so that's the Galaxy S III?

LOL Just kidding...

Anyways, i WISH they keep it designed as this one .. y'know, HUMPLESS.. i don't want the SIII to start humping other peoples' phones.. :P xD

Maybe someone from Samsung leaked a concept gs3 to see if we would like for this to be the next design, I like that clock widget too looks real slick

Not going to lie, I would not be mad in the slightest if the GSIII ended up looking similiar to this. That's a nice phone with a great profile. Maybe I'm alone among android users, but I hate the hump on my Droid X, I hate the chin on the Samsung phones, and I think all HTC phones are way too beefy. If I could have android running on a device shaped like the iPhone 4S, I'd take it in a second.

The problem is no one but Apple can get the carrier's to subsidize so much of a phone price. It would probably cost a ton to get an 8mm thick phone without any hump but have all the features the current top spec Android phones have. The carriers would not pay it nor would they want to advertise a phone as costing $400-500 with a two year contract.

The clock widget shows 10:07 and on the top right it 4:00. That's going to be the first "issue with this concept". Lol

Are you all serious??? Why the frick would I want a phone with no bezel? You can't grab that thing anywhere without activating stuff of that fricking touchscreen. Ugh! Some men really want to watch practicality and usability burn. :(

What a great job on the clock widget. Oh, wait, bad job on the clock widget. To put in all of that work, and not know that JUL should have gone at the 6 o'clock position and not JUN. That is, if the rest of it is right..... Maybe they were just seeing who is paying attention. And on closer inspection, I'm not sure that this is the only mistake. How many mistakes can others find?

Good thing this is JUST a concept. The bezel on the Galaxy Nexus is probably as close as you can get before inadvertent (palm) touches occur. It also just looks proportionally awkward without the bezel.I'm not sure whats with the obsession with having a tiny bezel on a touch enabled device, cause you're all going to gripe about it once you start using it.

FINALLY, ANOTHER VOICE OF REASON! Frameless screens are good on a TV you hang on a wall but not on a phone you have to hold securely in hour hand and where stuff will get accidentally activated more often than not.

That clock widget takes up almost the entire screen. I don't get it. Why can't we imagine tasteful widgets that don't look like they came out of a cartoon strip? Why can't we have backgrounds that are not in your face and garish like some found on Samsung devices(some of the ICS backgrounds included)? Or some of the droid backgrounds that look like they don't belong on this earth.

The clock widget reads 10:09, while the phone's time in the corner reads 4:00??

There's no way I'm going to spend money on this buggy... oh wait... it's only a concept. :P

I also want the clock widget!
Could be that you are travling & want the widget to show "home" time while the bar is showing the network time.
Just a thought.