Sony Vaio Tap

Yes. That's not an Android tablet. But it's such a monsterously huge freak of nature, we're not going to ignore it, either. It might look normal, but that's the 20-inch Sony Vaio Tap Windows 8 tablet that was just announced at IFA in Berlin.

Here's the good part: Alex popped this guy up next to the relatively normal-sized (and Android-based) Sony Xperia Tablet S, also announced this week. Check out the hilarity after the break.


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The normal-sized Sony Xperia Tablet S ... and a giagantic Vaio Tap


so "size doesn't matter" is really just a myth?

in that case, my 7-inch is really too small. :(
(7-inch tablet, that is)

20-inchs.....who the heck wants to walk around with a TV with them everywhere. This stuff starting to get out of hand really.

Kind of reminds me when cell phones got smaller and smaller and smaller there for a while. Now they are decent-sized again, as a change from dumb phones to smart phones has taken place in the past few years.

Now we see tablets getting bigger and bigger, but at some point the line will be overly crossed and a scale back to the perfect size will happen.

My laptop has a 17inch screen, and I absolutely love the screen size. This tablet would be awesome for playing games on. Of course, when I had the Xoom, 10.1 inches was awesome. Nothing against Android tablets, but everything that I used the tablet for I can use my phone for. I'm actually very excited for Windows 8. I may consider buying another tablet if it pans out well.

True. Reminds me of that Asus or Acer portable computer showed off some while ago. Supposed to be a windows 8 capable computer docked to a desktop like homestation.

Selling point was that you could remove the monitor from the stand and it would stay connected with the desktop dock via wifi. Take it where ever in the house you want and use it like a huge tablet. It was also preloaded with andriod so you could swap between windows8 and android.

I think there is a market for this. If not just for extreme techies who gotta have the coolest and craziest stuff.

I don't think it's meant to be a tablet. It's obvious by the huge plugs on the back that it's supposed to be a desktop touchscreen computer.

However, they have it sitting with the mobile devices. Who wouldn't walk by and try to pick it up as if they thought it was a normal tablet? lol

Impressively biased coverage even for an Android editor. It is being marketed as a table top device with an internal battery so that it can be moved (and used) in a home environment. This is in contrast to the typical desktop that is tethered to a desk and an outlet. It also has better specs than most desktop computers. My bet is some marketing people may also like it for tradeshows, etc. Personally, the only hilarity I noted was that the person in the video clip couldn't seem to figure out that there was only one screen of tiles and that it was not a giant BlackBerry Playbook (judging by the effort to swipe the home screen left and right). BTW, to add to the "hilarity" your hotlink for the announcement goes to Samsung's new releases, not Sony's.

It's not supposed to be biased. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek and silly. Maybe the sarcasm in the video didn't come across right.

>"That's not an Android tablet. But it's such a monsterously huge freak of nature, we're not going to ignore it, either."

It is stupid. Why NOT ignore it?

1) Too big
2) Silly
3) Probably crazy expensive
4) Impractical
5) Not Android