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Why do we hack and root Android devices? Because we can. And while it's not exactly the same as rocking a dual-core tablet, the latest Nook -- all six inches of it in black-and-white e-ink -- has been rooted and seen running Angry Birds, of course.

That's possible because while the Nook Touch is an e-reader on its face, it's running Android 2.1 in its heart. And where there's Android, there be hackery going on. This mod comes from JesusFreke in the forum of Das U-Boot (great name!), and hopefully we'll see some easy-to-use instructions in the near future.

Source: Das U-Boot Github; Thanks, Jason!



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Nook Touch gets U-Boot root, seen running Angry Birds


As you can see from the video, Eink cannot be used for animation/motion. The update rate is a zillion times too slow.

No offense, but you my friend are too serious. While the rest of us fully understand the obvious about e-ink, we were just sitting here in giddy excitement seeing it done.

Not necessarily true for all animation / motion. I would guess that the controller for the E-Ink display decides whether or not to update the display based on how many pixels are changing per update (if it cant keep up then it doesnt draw until the buffer settles.). Changing about a fourth of the pixels of the screen (birds hopping) seems to work with an acceptable frame rate.

You are absolutely correct about full screen video, but I would suspect that a small partial video frame (like in a blog) may actually be watchable.

It's not optimized to play video.

Clearly the technology isn't there yet -- I don't think anyone has said otherwise. I mean, we don't even have commercial color eink yet.

The point is to show that it can be done.

A more practical hack would be to put the Kindle app on this thing but if they can put Angry Birds on this thing then I'm sure a Kindle app add-on is possible.

Root of the Nook Touch = ability to use other e-readers on the device, web browsing, e-mail, etc. Would make this by far the most enticing E-Ink product available to date.

That's exactly it... root for the kindle app, web browser, and email. Having this ability will make me purchase one asap as i am looking for a standalone e-reader but want to be able to get books from the library (lacking in the kindle) and the possibility to browse websites.

I was wondering how long it would take for this to happen.
Made my day.

Why are you playing Angry Birds on your E-Ink Nook?
"Because I can"

I pre-ordered the Nook Touch hoping that I would eventually be able to read forums, email and my RSS feeds while sitting outside in the sun. I don't expect it to be a real tablet, but I do want to read things other than books on it.

Now we'll be watching the Angry Birds reviews in the Android Market get flooded with 1 star reviews from hostile rooted Nook users.

"Runs like sh*t on my e-ink Nook!"

You knew as soon as the device was announced that it was only a matter of time before it was rooted. Angry Birds is one of the goofier possiblities for root users on an e-ink display, but the other additional functions are great.

I agree with @breadfan758

I want to have an ereader that has online access to the Kobo, Sony, and Amazon stores on the devices, as well as being able to do some RSS reading. I'm in Canada, but will have to find a way to get this device

I want this device too!

I live in Sweden. Hope I will be able to use it here, I mean as a rooted device. A bit tedious to order it from some dude at eBay, pay extra for shipping, extra for import taxes (I haaaaaate the customs) and then find out I can't use it. Well it's a risk I'm willing to take. Come to papa, baby Nook.