NOOK Color

Barnes & Noble has announced that they will roll out a software update for the NOOK Color that includes Netflix support. The update will be software version 1.4.1 and will include:

  • Netflix support, as mentioned above
  • Comic and graphic novels
  • New PagePerfect NOOK books
  • The ability to read books in portrait or landscape mode

The update will be an OTA that will roll out beginning today. It will automatically download to your NOOK once you're on Wi-Fi and the device is idle. If you absolutely have to have the update right now, here is the link to the manual update.

Source: Barnes & Noble; More: Nook Color forums

There are 4 comments

i just rooted for this ability, ha.

well, CM7 is still pretty nice to have on it.

garapueto says:

And I was nearly about to do the same, lol. Oh well, happy wife because of the Netflix that's for sure!

sigzero says:

How about letting me have ALL the space on the NC? That would be swell.

I believe I will be getting one of these for Christmas, and I was hoping that Netflix support would come to it. Great news! Now if they would just add more apps to the damn thing it would be perfect!