Madden for Android

A new version of the Madden NFL Mobile game is now available for sports fans that really need to get into the action. Build a team, manage positions, call plays, and upgrade your players. Take the game online and see how well you do against your buddies. This is a freemium title mind you, so expect in-app purchases and timers.

Even though I'm not normally a sports guy and the video is for the console version, be sure to check out EA's Madden trailer here.

How many of you guys are into the Madden games? Did you play last years? Does your love for football override any nickel-and-diming inherent in a free-to-play game?


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NFL Madden Mobile ready for the new football season


Both. Haven't won one since Super Bowl XXVI, and haven't tried to buy one in a while. I would say Daniel Snyder finally got some common sense about him, but the team is still named what it is.

No controller support :( I wish EA would include controller support in their mobile sports games. The IAP are basically exactly like the Ultimate Team mode in console. If you just play the season mode you can seriously get a lot of play for free out of it. It is nowhere near as complex as console madden, it actually plays very similar to classic football games like from Playstation 1 or ealier era.

I payed for a whole bunch of cards and kind of regret it, my team is 90 rank yet it doesn't really feel any easier. Difficulty doesn't seem tied very much to the stats of the teams. I'm in season 7 and I'm getting smashed by teams that are 75...

Horrible. Played for 10 mins and uninstalled. I get the in app purchases but the gameplay sucks..

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Last year's mobile Madden was really big (1gb) download this years its only 170 mbs and I don't see that much difference in gameplay I wonder why it was so big last year

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